Thursday, October 10, 2013

mPULSE ROCK Headphones Review

mPULSE ROCK Headphones Review

MSRP: $99.99

The Rock is the big daddy of our headset lineup. Bluetooth 4.0, Touch Controls, Adaptive Base, Ergonomic Design, Awesome Colors- This puppy has got it all. So you get all the stuff that they pack into those fancy $300 headphones for less than a Benjamin. We were so excited about this product that we were going to get The Rock himself to endorse them, but then we realized we cant afford him. But you can definitely afford these. Enough said!

  • Bluetooth v4.0 version
  • Hi-Fi surround sound music effect
  • Touch Control design
  • Smart voic for answering and refusing calls
  • 5EQ  preset
  • Fully charged within 2hours
  • Free adjustment within 10 degrees
  • Foldable design

My Impression: I am really loving these headphones. I've had the mPULSE ROCK headphones now for a couple of months. I'm so rough with my headphones and they've stood the test and are still going strong! I really like that they have such a crisp sound. The bass does not over-power the music or tower over the voices while watching movies. I hate when a company puts too much bass into a product - sure it's nice to have that thump, but it's also nice to hear what people are actually saying. Am I saying that the mPULSE has no bass? Absolutely not! It lives up to it's name - It ROCKS! The packaging on the outside is a little cheaper looking, but upon inspection and the rough housing I've done with these - I have to say they are a lot sturdier than they look. I do love the padding on the ear pads - they do not hurt my ears and are very comfortable. The mPULSE ROCK has an adjustable headband which is great for those with larger heads. Surprisingly, I have a medium sized head and I put them all the way down on the lowest notch so I don't need them to be longer at all which was surprising. I do wish however that the headphones were a bit more snug to my head as I felt when I bent over they fell off easily. I'm the type of person who likes to clean and listen to music so it's a MUST for me to have a tighter band, but that just may be my make and body type - they may fit you perfectly. I have enjoyed cleaning the house while having the bluetooth setting synced with my phone. I've tried other bluetooth devices which have static'ed out at a certain point through-out the house and with the mPULSE ROCK I had no issues with that at ALL which is very impressive. I was able to go a far distance without them kicking off or having to re-sync. If I had to compare the headphone sound quality to a higher brand id have to say they are similar to the SOL Republic headphones. They give great sound and great bass without the over vibration you get with a lot of headphones today - and by over vibration I mean that it over vibrates the speaker giving the sound a muffled outcome. I'm pleased to say again that there was no issue with these headphones in that area. I have to say if you are in the market for a great pair of headphones and are skeptical about pricing - the mPULSE ROCK goes for $99.99 which is a great deal in my opinion verses other higher branded headphones that have a lot of the issues I've explained above! They do have touch sensitive sides on the outer ear pieces which I wish were a little less touchy, but other than that I'm impressed with the quality and sound. They fold and travel easy - they are in my top favorites for sure.

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FTC: I was sent this product for free in return for my honest opinion and review. All my thoughts and opinions are my OWN. Being sent the product does not change the fact that I am honest in my reviews.

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