Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Zoya Special Edition 2018 ((Jelly Brites))

Zoya Jelly Brites

Love getting the most out of your color? Jelly Brites are perfect for you! Wear alone as sheer, buildable, glossy translucent color - or layer with other colors to make jelly sandwiches! The Jelly Brites also make a great kiss of color for a french manicure.

Colors include: MOLLY, PARIS, & ALIA

Zoya Jelly Brites "MOLLY"
(ZP397): A non-streaking, buildable, and translucent red/pink jelly with an ultra-glossy finish.


Zoya Jelly Brites "PARIS"
(7P938): A non-streaking, buildable, and translucent fuchsia jelly with an ultra-glossy finish.


Zoya Jelly Brites "ALIA"
(ZP939): A non-streaking, buildable, and translucent plum jelly with an ultra-glossy finish.


Zoya is absolutely one of my favorite nail polish brands. Out of all of my nail polishes about 90% are Zoya. They have great non-streaking colors and the formula says it all. I can't wait to try the Jelly Brites from Zoya. A jelly finish is one of my all time favorite finishes. I have a lot of Zoya's other jelly finishes and they are buildable! I hate, hate when you try to build up a polish and it stays goopy and never dries. I don't have that issue with Zoya and their jelly finishes are truly "jelly finishes". They don't look like any other ordinary polish that "claims" to be a jelly finish. The code that Zoya has provided is a great code and I plan to take advantage! Common.. 3 free polishes with any purchase? Yes, please.


Celebrate National Nail Polish Day with Zoya on June 1st and (ALL WEEKEND) by getting the Jelly Brites FREE* with any purchase on

USE CODE: " POLISH " trio will be added automatically.
Valid 6/1/18 - Sunday 6/3/18 (11:59pm ET)

The code is already ACTIVE! Yay!


Have you heard of Zoya's 10* Free formula?
Zoya's polishes are formulated without: FORMALDEHYDE, FORMALDEHYDE RESIN, 



Friday, May 25, 2018

Ready To Get Back To Work! (Hospital Blog)


Hello everyone!, 
There are not enough words to thank everyone who has sent kind words, thoughts/prayers, and positive vibes my way from companies to my friends/viewers here on Just A Country Gal. As many of you know I have Chronic Myeloid Leukemia which has landed me in and out of the hospital. I have gone through some rough times in the past 5-6 months. I've dealt with anemia, mini-strokes, and horrible pain from my chemotherapy. My chemo has been very taxing on my body. I became very weak months back and ended up in the hospital attached to IV's and having meds given to me left and right. I could barely walk or lift my head. I don't want to go into everything that's happened in there because it was very scary for me. I literally thought I was going to die. I'm not one to complain a lot and I try my best to fight. I try to put off my illness's as much as possible because well I absolutely HATE the hospital. I don't want to go if I don't have to. It's safe to say that most people are in the same boat as me and hate the hospital as well. 

I've been in severe depression in these past couple of months not only because of everything that's happened in and out of the hospital. My chemo has had some very bad side effects and one of those is tooth decay. While I was in the hospital my teeth became much, much worse. I went from having perfect zero cavity teeth to my teeth becoming incredibly bad and dealing with intense pain. The Dr's tried everything they could to save my teeth, but unfortunately I have to have all of them removed. A lot of people are embarrassed to talk about these types of things when it comes to cancer and what chemotherapy does to you, but this was one topic I had to get off my chest. I've been crying everyday over this. The pain has been unbearable. I have to go soon and have all of my teeth cut out and be fit for dentures. I'm 28 years old and I'll now be a denture wearer. I now know it's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's been a hard thing to deal with. I know a lot of people are embarrassed as well when these things happen to them because they're afraid of what people might think of them. That was my position too. I was worried that people would look at me and think "She must be on drugs.. look at her teeth!". That was my fear of what people would think. I wish that you could look at a person and know their struggles with health so that in this society people wouldn't judge you. 

With that being said Id like to take this opportunity to talk to you about Chronic Myeloid Leukemia struggles and what you can do to help me out. There are so many Cancer diagnosis's out there right now and it's sad. There are people that are worse off than me. There are people that need help. As for some of the things I've mentioned above you can see what chemo and my cancer does to me.. imagine what others go through. My Grandpa had Prostate and Bladder cancer and he was my rock. He died 5 years ago and it was one of the hardest times of my life. The struggles I've seen him go through was far worse than my struggles. He was always there for me when I was at Dr's appointments, surgeries, and whatever my problems were.. he was there to hold my hand/give me a BIG hug. I know a lot of my viewers out there have people in their lives who have/had cancer or maybe they themselves are dealing with cancer. There are so many things you can do for cancer patients. You could donate, volunteer, spend some time with them while they're doing chemo treatments, do marathons, do walks, ext. If you have the feeling that you want to help please do research on what you can do to help my fellow survivors/fighters out. I will post some links of things you can research and do to help. I would like to talk about what you could do specifically for my cancer CML among other Leukemia diagnosis's. You can be tested and join "Be The Match". You may be asking.. "What's That?". (Be The Match) has been around for a while now and it is a program that is completely FREE. Everything from shipping to the kit is FREE. They will send you a kit that contains a swab.. kind of like a Q-Tip. All you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek for a couple of seconds and then it's done. You can send it off and you may be called saying that you're a match. What does that mean when you are a match to another person(A Leukemia Patient)? That means YOU could save their life. 

A lot of people think that you have to go through incredible pain to help during these types of programs to help a cancer patient, but you do not. The pain is very minimal. Have you ever got punched in the hip? That is the pain you'd feel. The feel of a slight punch in the hip. That feeling would only last 2-3 days if that. What id like to ask is can you wage the that feeling of pain over saving someone's life? 

You could save someone. You may not know that person, but if you've had a family member dealing with this horrible disease and you've wished you could help them.. this may not help them directly, but it is saving a life. Foundations like this are begging people to come forward - to be brave and be a hero! This would mean so much to me if you would sign up to "Be The Match". 

There are so many people out there who are out of remission.. including me. There are some people who are medication resistant who cannot take chemo because it no longer works and are waiting for people like you to step up and save them. There are so many people that will die this year of my horrible disease as well as other types of Leukemia because they will not find a donor. 

Here is the link to "Be The Match"!

Here is one of my fellow fighters on Good Mythical Morning I've recently watched who has the exact same cancer type as I. He is medication resistant and they will show the process in which you would go through when you receive the kit. 

Here is the link to the American Cancer Society so you can do research and find out things you can do for your loved one with cancer or what you can do in general for those who are going through this rough time.

American Cancer Society:

Id like to thank you all AGAIN who've sent kind words, prayers, and thoughts my way through this hard time in my life. It's meant SOOO much to me. You have no idea. Thank you for listening and reading my post. Thank you for letting me rant to you all on occasion.

There will be upcoming blog posts very soon and I can't wait to get back into letting you know what I think of products. Thank you for being patient. 

Much love and appreciation, Sarah 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Review (Series #1)

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Review

  • The PATENTED AIRFLOW TRANSFER SYSTEM works by creating 100 TIMES THE BREATHABILITY of other mattresses that only use ventilation holes or channels, but not both and do not connect the two like the ONLY THE SNUGGLE-PEDIC MATTRESS does. 

  • The flex-support technology gives the PRESSURE RELIEF of a Memory Foam/Gel Mattress, Only it's EASIER TO MOVE AROUND ON like a traditional mattress and MORE SUPPORTIVE. 


  • ECO Friendly & Very Low V.O.C 

  • PRESSURE RELIEVING SURFACE WITH EXTRA SUPPORTIVE & FIRMER LOWER LAYER gives you the perfect balance and universal comfort. (Compare to Tuft & Needle, Leesa, Sleep Innovations, and Casper to see the difference yourself!)



  • Kool-Flow Extra Breathable Micro-Ventilated Cover With Luxurious Zipper Removable Viscose of BAMBOO Cover! 

  • Made In The U.S.A with 43% viscose, 56% polyester, .6% lycra, KEEPS YOU COOL ALL NIGHT LONG!

I received my Snuggle-Pedic mattress two days after ordering it through amazon prime. You can find Snuggle-Pedic on amazon. It comes in a thin box with handles which made it much easier on us to transport. I had it delivered to my Mom's house when a lot of the flooding was going on in our area and when it cleared up.. my husband and I carried it out to the car to take to our home. When we got home we sat our bed next to our bed base. It's best when you get a mattress like this one that you have it close to your bed for easier access and to minimize having to carry such a large mattress when it's open. When it's open it's much bigger than when it's in the package so you'll want it close by when opening. Our Snuggle-Pedic mattress came with a little opener that kind of looked like a letter opener to open up the plastic on the mattress. It's wrapped really tight so that no air leaves it until you're ready to open it. We rolled out the mattress, sat, and watched it rise. It took about 30 minutes to rise and we were in awe of how quickly it rose. My husband and I ended up sleeping on it that night. I am a Chronic Pain Patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia so for years there has not been a night I've not woken up with pain. I was surprised the first two nights of sleep I never woke up. In fact the whole week I only woke up once out of the seven days of rest I gave the mattress. Now, I know what you're thinking. Seven days? Yes, I only slept on the mattress for seven days, but I will be sleeping on it a full month, doing an update video, and doing an updated blog post. I think giving a mattress a week of sleep isn't ideal so I like to do a month update so stay tuned for that. Now moving onto the rest of the review. A lot of people sometimes go through a transition phase when they first get a memory foam mattress and I have to say that I didn't however my husband did for the first two days. We can't figure out if it was him transitioning or if it was because he worked and lifted a lot at work the two days prior. I'm going to say it's probably a combination of both. This mattress is so soft, but not so soft that you just sink right down into the mattress. It's soft, yet firm enough to support your body and provide the pressure relief it needs. I would rate the mattress as Medium-Soft and you can see on the scale below of 1 out of 10 id rate the mattress. I felt as though my hips, back, and shoulders were cradled nicely by the bed. The Snuggle-Pedic mattress is good for back, side, and stomach sleepers! It's a 10'' mattress and I have always heard the higher the inches the better it would be for stomach and side sleepers, but I was wrong. My husband and I both are side sleepers and I am also a back sleeper. We felt like it gave us the support we needed all along. I have tried a lot of high end memory foam mattress and I can safely say that this mattress bats them out of the park. I mean why spend thousands of dollars when you can get a mattress this good and of good quality for a price that's a fraction of the cost you would spend on the expensive brands. I have to say I was even a little skeptical at the "bed-in-the-box" phenomena. I thought that it couldn't be as great as the expensive brands I've tried in the past, but I was so wrong. This mattress gave me everything I needed in a mattress. I mean it has a Kool-Flow cover, Ventilation Holes, and Channeling all together that makes this mattress sleep cool. I used to burn to death with my previous mattress and now I can go through the night without getting barely hot at all and the hotness I do get is from the hot flashes/night sweats I get from my Leukemia. I can't wait to sleep the rest of the month in rotation with the others to see how the Snuggle-Pedic stacks up to the other brands in this series. I cannot forget to tell you that Snuggle-Pedic comes with a 120 day sleep trial.. that's 4 months you get to try this mattress out and in that time if you do not like the way it feels you can exchange it for free customizations. Say you want it a little softer or maybe a little firmer? Snuggle-Pedic has you covered! 

I wished I could of gotten better pictures because these pictures do NOT do the mattress justice!

Beautiful Kool-Flow Extra Breathable Micro-Ventilated Ivory Cover! I just love the color of this cover. It's such a beautiful Ivory and it feels so soft. It has almost that changing of a texture to where you can run your hands over it and it changes almost into a tad bit of a darker color. I can't think of the name of what I'm trying to say, but if you think of the couches and pillows you can rub back and forth, feel, and see the change then you'll know what I'm talking about. 

I will be taking updated pictures of the mattress in better lighting. My camera is currently being worked on due to the setting controls not being accurate. I'm getting it fixed to see if I can get the settings adjusted. Until then there are pictures of my bedding on the mattress so you can see and I've provided stock images until then. 

Check Out The Video I Did For Snuggle-Pedic Through My Process of Sleep! Be sure to watch the video in HD for better quality. The quality it naturally sets at makes it a little fuzzy so the HD quality is a much better view of the mattress. Please excuse the room. We're remodeling our home and this is our spare room at the moment while re-doing our home. The rest of our home right now is pretty much under construction with painting, putting up trim, and ext. So, this is our spare/office room for the time being until we get the rest of the house finished. 

You can buy your own Snuggle-Pedic mattress here: Snuggle-Pedic Amazon

Check Out Snuggle-Pedic's Social Medias:

FTC: I was sent the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress for my honest opinion and review. I'm always honest in my reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base Review

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort
Bed Base Review

The Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base includes a wireless remote with preset positions that automatically adjust to meet your comfort needs. The bed base has a sleek and contemporary design while providing perfect support for the mattress so it does not slip. This bed frame works great with memory foam and latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly spring mattresses. This bed bas is most suitable for watching TV, reading, or working on your computer. People suffering from diseases like sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD would also benefit from an adjustable bed base. 

  • Wireless Remote
  • 2 USB charging ports for your smart phone or tablet
  • Head and Foot Massage
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • TV/Reading Position 
  • Head and Foot Elevations
  • Adjustable Legs: 4-inch, 6.5-inches, or 10.5-inches
  • Mattress bar to prevent mattress from sliding
  • Supports a maximum weight of 1000lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Adjustable bed base has 6 legs-Exceeds industry standard of 4
  • Quick and Easy Assembly 
Remote Control


  •  Platform design, but will fit easily into most traditional bed frames
  • Reduces Back Pain
  • Enhances Blood Pressure 
  • Helps with Sleep Apnea, Heartburn, Acid Reflux or GERD
  • Many Lifestyle Benefits 


Raised Head Position
Zero Gravity Position (I got a little confused in my video with another position when it came to me hitting Zero G. I thought I had sit it to another position by accident.) The position shown in the video is really the Zero G Position that it comes standard by, but you can also as I've mentioned in the video set your own Zero G position of your liking.
Raised Foot Position
Flat Position

I got the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base in the mail and I was surprised by how big the box was. Of course the box is going to be big it's a Queen size, but still it was pretty large. I had to help the mail carrier lift it up on the porch. The bed base weighed in at about 147lbs. My husband and I opened up the box and looked for the directions and I was surprised by how easy the instructions were. Everything is color coated and it comes with an alan wrench to tighten all of your screws which there aren't a lot of screws which was nice. It came with 3 different leg lengths and of course we chose the highest at 10.5inches. There are six legs on this bed instead of the standard four most beds come with. I really like that they've put six legs on the bed for better stability and longevity. I feel as though this bed is going to last a LONG time. Everything seemed to made well and I really love the design. It took my husband and I about 30 minutes to assemble the bed and we were done and ready to put our mattress on it and test it out! The Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base comes with a wireless battery operated remote in which the batteries were included! That in my book is just good business me crazy, but anytime batteries are included it just proves to me that the company went the extra mile to please their customers not to mention the tool that was provided to put it together. We put our mattress on the bed and started testing out the controls on the remote and of course the first thing I wanted to try was the massage feature. You can choose to massage your head, feet, and or both. I tested all three out and my favorite is to massage my head and feet at the same time which it has in the middle a wavy sign that you can hit that will do just that. The massager has three different settings for your liking. You can choose to have a stronger or lighter massage.. it's totally up to you. Then we tried all of the pre-programmed positions - Flat, Zero G, Raised Foot, and Raised Head. Now when I'm talking about the Zero G position in the video I got a little mixed up because you can set your Zero G and I had forgot that Zero G is where you're laying flat, but your feet are raised. You do not have to keep that as your Zero G. See your Zero G may be different from Classic Brand's Zero G. You can set your bed base to which ever position you like manually and hold down the Zero G button for 3 seconds and it sets your Zero G. That way if you want to come in and go to your desired position you can just hit the button and you're there. The bed base also comes with two USB ports on the right side of the bed. I couldn't show it in the video because of the fact that our bed was against the wall, but I did include a picture at the end and will here as well. The USB ports work great! I love being able to reach over and plug in my cell and play with my cell in bed. Most of the time I always had it plugged in half way across the room and Id have to get up for every message or email I get in a day and trust me it's A LOT! Now, I can work and I can pick up my cell while it's charging while plugged into the bed and check everything I need to right then and there. This bed base has blown my mind. I have previously tried other bed bases in the past, but was never really satisfied with how the massager massaged me or how loud the massager was. With the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base the massager massages me the way that I like and I have the different options as well as the motor is very light with the sound. It's very quite compared to other bed bases I've tried! I'm really thankful for this bed base because my husband suffers from a touch of sleep apnea and he also snores a little bit, but I used to stay up ALL night long nudging him to make sure he was breathing fine. Now, I've noticed that he's not stopped breathing once since we've sit the bed up at night. He also doesn't snore as much.. although that doesn't really bother me. To me that's a cute feature that my husband just happens to have haha. I myself have terrible acid reflux and GERD. I would get terrible heartburn at night and it would wake me up it was so bad. I'm even on heartburn medication, but I know a lot of you who like to eat before bed or may have previously ate spicy foods early on in the day..that's still going to be with you during the nighttime. It's nice that just raising my bed can prevent my heartburn from getting as bad as it was. I used to have acid come up in my throat when id sleep flat ... I know GROSS! So now when I raise my bed up ... no acid. This bed has been one of the best selling beds on Amazon and I can see why. It's price point is GREAT, the features, and benefits are worth every penny. If you're in the market for a great, well made, and sturdy bed base then this bad boy is the one to go with!

Check Out My Video About The Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base!
Sorry that I sometimes get tongue tied.. chemo brain! It makes it hard for my memory and it's hard to find the right words at times. Bare with me! Watch in HD for better quality!

Check Out Classic Brands Social Medias

FTC: I was sent this bed base in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I'm honest and truthful with all of my reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Textual Tees T-Shirts Review

Textual Tees T-Shirts Review

I came across Textual Tees while on my search for my husband and I's favorite tv-shows. One of my all time favorite tv shows is Buffy The Vampire Slayer while his is Star Trek. Textual Tees is one of the places I've found that carries a large variety of the shirts I was looking for. It was hard for me going from site to site with no luck in finding the tv show shirts I was looking for until I came across Textual Tees. They carry category shirts in: TV/FILM, SCI-FI, SPORTS, MATH & SCIENCE, SEASONAL SHIRTS, POP CULTURE, and the list goes on and on! They carry shirts, hoodies, and tanks for Men, Women, and Kids. They said it would be around 3-6 days before I received my shirts, but I was surprised to receive them so fast. I received them in 3 days. Textual Tees customer service is splendid. They helped me through any issues and gave me advice on my shirts. I was blown away! They sell their shirts at mind blowing prices. They have shirts as low as $5.99 and a lot of their shirts run around that range. I mean $5.99 for a well made t-shirt is hard to come by. I got my husband a size 2xl which may have been slightly a little big on him, but he still loves and cherishes it. He is a full blown trekkie fan. I chose the Star Trek USS Enterprise Blue Print T-Shirt for him as a surprise. When I got it in the mail and showed him he flipped out. He was so happy that I chose that shirt for him.. he gave me a big hug! I took pictures of him in the shirt as well as I in mine, but disregard his non-smile. He doesn't like to smile in pictures for the internet because he's shy. Before the picture he was all smiles and hugs. You know men though they have to be stoic in pictures. I opened up the box and pulled out my shirt and I was in love. I chose the Sunnydale Razorbacks T-Shirt which if you don't know Buffy The Vampire Slayer...Sunnydale is where Buffy lives and the Razorbacks is the Sunnydale High School's mascot name. I can walk around and pretend I'm apart of Buffy's crew. Haha, I know I'm lame. What can I say though.. I love my tv shows! I'm thrilled with both t-shirts. I can say though when you're ordering a women's size t-shirt make sure that you go up a size. I usually wear a medium, but I went up to a large because these shirts run kind of small at least in women's they do. Yes, I've washed the shirts several times now and none of the writing has withered or cracked. The shirts like I said are of good quality. The shirt fit well. It fit like my typical medium shirts do. I can honestly say I've never been so happy with these t-shirts. It made my husband so happy and that was worth so much to me. Thank you Textual Tees! Check out Textual Tees and be sure to sign up for their mailing list because they throw out discount offers a lot and you might be able to get t-shirts at an even lower price or free shipping! You never know. I mean think of all the t-shirts you could buy... well, what are you waiting for? Go check them out! Their links will be at the bottom.

Here is my husband with stoic look in his t-shirt he loves so much!

Here's me in my Buffy The Vampire Slayer Shirt I love so much!

Want a preview of some of the t-shirts Textual Tees carries? 

As you can see they carry a lot of shirts! These are some I thought were pretty cool. I'm definitely going to be placing more orders with Textual Tees. At $5.99 a shirt you can't beat it and plus when I joined the mailing club.. if I get a discount code. I'm going to be all over that. 

Check Out Textual Tees Social Medias

FTC: I was sent two shirts by Textual Tees in exchange for my honest opinion and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.