Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BioKap Nutricolor Delicato VEGAN Hair Dye Review

BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Hair Dye

This exclusive formula of BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Hair Dye, with vegetable ingredients and high skin tolerablitly, nourishes and repairs hair while dying it and covers grey hair perfectly. With TRICOREPAIR, a complex of Rice proteins, Willow derivitive and fruit lipophilic acids. Enriched with Argan Oil from organic farming, it nourishes the hair and makes it softer and shinier. 

Facts about the product:
  • 14 Shades 
  • Contains no PPD, paraben, ammonia, or resorcin
  • Nickel and dermatologically tested
  • Has over 90% natural ingredients
  • GMO, cruelty, gluten and fragrance free
  • This product is Vegan
Shade Range 14 Beautiful Shades

When I first heard about this dye I was so excited to give it a try. Of course I couldn't try it myself because of the hair loss due to chemotherapy so I put it to the test on my Mom's hair. She's always dying her hair every 2-3 months due to having quite a lot of grey hair. She began getting grey hair at a young age so she began dying her hair. She's never really found a dye that completely covered her grays. At the end result of dying her hair always had the grays peeking through. She's tried endless brands at the drugstores and had it professionally done and yet she still seen the grays through the dye! It's so frustrating to her. When I got the chance to try out the BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Hair Dye I jumped on it. My Mom is always up for trying new dyes in hopes of a miracle that it would cover her gray hair. We picked out the color 2.9 which is a Dark Chestnut Chocolate. First of all when opening up the box can you see how much product you get in the box! Normally when buying boxed dyes you get a tiny bottle with little product. You can't tell by the picture, but the bottle and product that comes with it is a little bit larger than a normal boxed dye you buy at the drugstore. It also came with the developer, dye, gloves, a drape to prevent dye from getting on your clothes, a protective cream to put on your skin to keep the dye from bleeding onto your skin leaving stains, and an aftercare shampoo. A shampoo? Yes, a shampoo. With BioKap you shampoo your hair with the shampoo provided after dying your hair. You normally with a boxed dye say at the drugstore NEVER want to shampoo your hair afterwards because it fades the color which defeats the purpose, but with BioKap this conditioning shampoo did not fade her hair one bit. When applying the product I noticed that there wasn't a scent.. can we all give BioKap an applause for not having to deal with that awful ammonia smell? *CLAPS* So the formula to the dye was more creamy than liquid. It was very easy to spread onto the hair. My Mom has a full head of hair and it's thick. This dye went a long way. I was able to use one box on her hair, but I had to do it by applying the dye to a Wet Brush and distributing it through-out her hair after I did her roots. She could of gone with another box, but this one did alright as far as the stretch of the dye. I would say if you have thick, thick hair or longer than my Mom's you would need two boxes. My Mom always had to buy three boxes with other drugstore dyes so that's a plus with this product. You could definitely tell the dye was enriched with Argan Oil because of the length I could stretch the dye and because the dye had an oil slick cast to it when I was finished. She waited her 20 minutes for the dye to develop and I sat and watched. I looked at the colors changing and I could see some great tones. Like other dyes this dye I could see two-three different tones coming through and it looked beautiful. I've personally always been a fan of that beautiful two-three toned chestnut chocolate brown colors. I think it gives the hair life and it's more realistic. So she washed out her dye and let it dry a little bit before I started up the hair dryer to dry it to see the end result of color. As I was blowdrying her hair her hair felt SO soft. I've never in my life had a dye that left my hair that soft and prior to losing a lot of my hair I had used hair dyes and had a lot of bleach processed highlights all my life. Her hair was so silky and shiny. I didn't need to apply a oil to her hair while doing it. All I applied to her hair was a quick dry spray to cut the drying time in half because her hair is so thick it would of taken me ages to dry it. The best of all - No more grays! It covered all of her grays marvelously. With washing and drying it.. it has not faded which shocked me. I'm impressed that this dye is free of PPD, Parabens, Ammonia, and Resorcin which is found commonly in a lot of boxed dyes you see on the shelf. I love that they put organic ingredients into the dye and that it's VEGAN. There aren't a lot of VEGAN dyes out on the market that have blown me away, but this dye really works! If you are into trying out a dye that is free from the chemicals and ingredients listed above, that's vegan, and is less damaging on your hair - this dye is going to be your best friend. I've never raved so much about a dye, but I truly think this product is worth every penny. I know salons forbid you from using boxed dyes, but in this case I think this dye is so much better than going to a salon, spending hundreds of dollars, and then having your hair probably twice as damaged then this product would.

Want to see my Mom's results? (BTW, ignore her look on her face it was 3:00 in the morning and she still hadn't slept)
Without flash with the ceiling light on - it  makes her hair look darker in this picture for some reason than it actually is. The pictures below is an accurate representation of what  the color looks like. I gave her a little bit of a trim and she wanted bangs so I gave her bangs. She still needs her split ends cut, but I'll have to do that when I get a little bit more time. We've been busy!

Just look at the shine and those beautiful tones and hues going through-out her hair. Absolutely beautiful!

But where can I purchase it and how much is it?
Price: $14.99
Their website www.biokapusa.com
I also found out that they are currently selling it at Ricky's in NYC on 8th Ave, www.luckyvitamin.com, www.vitacost.com, www.amazon.com and www.internatural.com.

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FTC: I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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