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Bed of Nails Pillow Review

Bed of Nails Review

About Bed of Nails Pillow

The Bed of Nails Pillow is available in a harmonious green. 
It is covered with 51 acupressure points with 42 nails on each, which gives a total of 2142 nails per pillow.The pillow is 14.5"x4"x6" and made of 100% cotton, the nails are made of non toxic 100% recycled ABS plastic that is melted on to the fabric (no glue is used). Warning! The Bed of Nails Pillow should not be used in case of skindisease, hemophilia or the intake of anticoagulants. If you are uncertain, always consult your doctor before use. Keep away from children 5 years of age and younger.

How does Bed of Nails work?

Bed of Nails is an excellent aid in self-treatment and stimulating energy in the body. Bed of Nails may also help the body rid itself of toxins, so it is important to remember to drink water after using Bed of Nails.
Bed of Nails works similar to acupuncture, the pressure of the rounded nails against the skin may help the body release endorphins, the body's very own "happiness drug" which provides a sense of joy, energy and painrelief, and oxytocin, which makes You calm and relaxed ( yes, it is possible to feel energetic and be relaxed at the same time!). Everybody reacts differently to Bed of Nails, and the effects can even vary from time to time; You may feel tired, hungry, happy, alert. Alot of people experience feelings of happiness, relaxation and hightened body temperature.

If Bed of Nails is used regularly for a long enough period of time it may alleviate:

  • Stress
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Tension
  • Back pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Malaise

Bed of Nails may also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The nails will create more blood flow to the area on which Bed of Nails is used and this can help break down the fat groupings which causes the cellulite's plumpish display. Since Bed of Nails helps the body rid itself of toxins this might also help reduce cellulite.

A closer look at:

Endorphins are neurotransmitters, or peptides, and the word is short for endogenous and morphine, meaning morphine-like created by the body itself. Endorphins reduce pain and create feelings of euphoria and wellbeing.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in the blood stream, during for example childbirth, sex or, according to some scientists, massage. When released, it helps the body recuperate, as well as create a feeling of calm and satisfaction.

My Impression: It was very interesting to learn more about Bed of Nails. I had first heard about Bed of Nails by watching Dr. Oz. I was excited to know that it could possibly help with my back pain. I like a lot of you suffer from chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. A lot of the time I have insomnia from the pain. It's sometimes so severe I cannot sleep. I want to eventually get the Bed of Nails mat, but I got the chance to try out the pillow which I thought would help with my neck pain. At first when laying on the pillow it can be a bit uncomfortable, but then it really releases tension. I felt as though I had a lot of tension in my neck and I felt like a release radiating through my neck and upper back. It was quite odd, but effective. So, I am really impressed by this product and would love to pick up the mat to have in conjunction with the pillow.

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FTC: I received this product in return for my honest opinion and review.

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