Thursday, April 26, 2012

CostumeSuperCenter presents Jason Voorhees!

 Costume Super Center Review

Adult Jason Blister Kit Adult Costume

Scare the daylights out of everyone in the neighborhood in this nightmarish costume, the Jason Blister Kit Costume for Men. This officially licensed product from the fright flick Friday the 13th includes the trademark hockey mask, a bloody long sleeved shirt, and a machete prop stained with the blood of your latest victim. The Jason costume for men is available in one size fits all and will look grotesque and fit most men comfortably. You won't find better quality Jason Halloween costumes at a better price anywhere on the internet and you'll love wearing this outfit to costume balls and Halloween parties where you can scare the men away and have all the ladies to yourself. You can add to this frighteningly good Halloween costume with a Friday the 13th Scene Setter and you'll have the ideal classic Halloween costume you can enjoy for years.

I was contacted by Costume Super Center to do a review on one of their costumes so giving that I love horror movies & the 'Friday the 13th' movie franchise is my favorite I chose non other than the Jason Voorhees costume! It is a men's costume, but you for sure can be a chick and be scary.. I mean why not? My family & I like getting together & watching scary movies & this time around we decided to pull out the old favorite & this costume just fit the bill. 
I had my cousin wear it because he had the shaved head and I thought id look awkward with blonde long hair considering Jason was bald so he was more than willing to do poses for me! 

'He even tried to cut his sister with his plastic machete!'
'Oh, brothers!'

Now for the review: I think for the price of the costume which was $25.99 it's amazing considering my local K-mart & Walmart's costumes like this runs a small fortune! It comes with the Jason Mask, Long Sleeve Shirt, and the Plastic Machete Knife. The mask is well made & it's has that blistered look that makes the costume even more realistic towards the movie & for a great scare! It is an official licensed Jason costume & right now it's actually the price above I posted is it's clearance price! What a steal! 

The shirt is made of polyester so it's very stretchy it does run a little bit on the short side if you are long waisted so you might have to put a shirt underneath or a coat over-top, but as you can see it fit my cousin and myself perfectly. It was a little short in the front, but nothing a under-shirt couldn't hide.

I put a little dark eyeliner in the circles of my cousin's eyes to give it a more dramatic movie effect! You can put your own spin on it and make the outfit however you wish. Pair it with some scary gloves, a dirty coat, and your ready to give your friends and family nightmares!

I highly suggest you check out CostumeSuperCenter's website - they really carry so many costumes for any occasion you are looking for. If it's for yourself, teens, children, infants, and even pets! If that doesn't have your attention they also sell props at awesome prices - I know my family & I used to have a big Halloween get together and all give-a-way candy together & we spent so much money on props it was unreal! I was surprised that CostumeSuperCenter had props that were pretty much exactly the same as what we bought years ago, but now extremely cheap! 

The shipping in my experience was super fast as well! 

So if you're having a rough night and you love scary movies why not have a little costume party or get-together and watch a scary movie? 

This product was sent to me on behalf of CostumeSuperCenter for review. 

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