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Judith August 'The Everything Pencil' Review

Judith August 'The Everything Pencil'

A little about Judith August from their website. I have been serving women's cosmetic needs for over 20 years, and the one product that has captured the imagination of all of my friends, celebrity clientele, salons and retail stores is 'The Everything Pencil'. Let's face it, everybody's got something to hide. Instead of hating it, hide it with this miraculous little pencil that covers up everything, for everybody, everyday. 

With a few quick strokes, you can cover fine lines, or conceal dark circles under the eyes. It also works age spots on the hands or face, as well as spider veins on the legs and it's easy to use, simple as one, two, three!

It claims to work on:

| Under-eye Circles

| Acne Scars

| Age Spots

| Bruises

| Birth Marks

| Broken Capillaries 

| Softens Fine Lines


-Beauty Bonuses-

The Everything Pencil contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Keeps lipstick from running. Simply apply over lip-line, powder and then apply lipstick.

Use the ultra-light pencil as a high lighter under brows and on cheek bones.

Convenient to carry in purse or pocket.

Water resistant and long lasting.

Equally successful when used by both men and women.

Allergy tested.

Fragrance free.


I got the shade 'Pure Beige' which as a lighter skin tone it is still a little too dark for me to use on my face, but I tested it on my little veins I have in my legs and it blends in with my legs naturally. It works best if you pat it on rather than smear because then you are just sheering out the product to nothing. I love the fact that it is water resistant that way when I conceal my problem areas I don't have to worry about it melting off mid-day or either when I'm swimming. Although in stick form it has a smooth gliding end so it doesn't pull or tug at your skin while applying which is a big plus for me in my concealers. The 'Pure Beige' color has more of yellow undertones to it I've noticed. It blends easily. I can see being able to use this if I get a little bit of a tan on my face. It came in a little tube below with the sharpener so I think when you order it you get a sharpener as well so that's wonderful! The mirror was a cute added touch It is nice to throw in my purse and it's not a cheap mirror you can see perfectly through it. My overall impression of this company and product is that they are super nice and they have fast shipping. The product I've tested is water-proof I wore it for 4 hours out in today's 90 degree weather with no budge. I even put some on my hand and soaked my hand under water and it still didn't melt or flake up. Id say if you want a heavy duty concealer this would be great to get. Just be aware that if you are light complected like me then you will have to go for a lighter color, but Judith August has many colors as well as other concealers and cosmetics. 

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This product was sent to me for review. 

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