Tuesday, June 12, 2012

599Fashion Review

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A little about 599Fashion ... 

It's all over the news - the economy is getting worse, and people's budgets are getting tighter. Unfortunately, this leaves less room for buying things like new clothes, and many purchases that were once considered a typical monthly expense are falling into the "luxury" category. At 599Fashion.com, however, clothing is still affordable, and best of all extremely easy to work into your budget. With everything costing just $5.99 (yes, $5.99!), it's easy to find everything from junior clothing to plus size apparel at prices everyone can afford.

Why pay more when you can only pay $5.99. 


This top is so gorgeous with it's intricate details and lace features on the sides as well as the back, but not fully laced on the sides. It's more modest with a peek-a-boo feature of lace. It was very comfortable.


I love this flowy front piece with it cinched in the back makes for a gorgeous look. I had just a plain t-shirt on not anything special, but none the less this gorgeous top would spice up any outfit!


This wallet is so cute! What I look for in a wallet is organization and this can fit all of my cards, money, and check book and still fit more with no problems closing! 

My Impression: The economy is tough right now and 599fashion.com is absolutely amazing with prices at $5.99 for clothing - you just can't beat that! Some items are even under $5.99! The quality in both the clothing and the wallet I received were great quality - not cheaply made. I was surely impressed. They offer a wide variety of mens, womens, women's plus size and children's clothing. They sell out pretty fast, but get in new items frequently. I love that they offer plus size clothing and plus size clothing for this price is a steal. Usually, if you are plus size you have to pay a couple dollars extra because of the extra 'fabric' they use which I find ridiculous, but it's true you have to pay more for your clothing if you are on the heavier side like me. As well as clothing they also offer accessories, cosmetics and shoes! They have lightening fast shipping and great costumer service!

For more information on 599fashion visit their website:

*These products were sent to me for review purposes only, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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