Friday, June 15, 2012

B Natural Organics Review

B Natural Organics

Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel

This enzyme peel is highly recommended for anti-aging benefits as well as acne prevention. The active enzyme used in this formula stimulates new skin cell...

Skin Type: For normal, problematic, oily and combination skin

I cleansed my face first with the B Natural Bi-Active Cleansing Treatment and then took a cotton pad and put some solution on it and applied it in light layers to my face. I noticed right away that it does have a stinging effect, but compared to other peels I've tried the stinging is minimal and did not affect me from applying it again. Also, the stinging is only brief then gone. Also, the smell didn't knock you down like most other chemical peels I've used. This is all natural. B Natural Organics is an all natural, cruelty free -vegan line. 


Bio-Active Cleansing Treatment

Anti-aging properties of this foaming cleanser are tremendous. Aspen bark extract (highest source of natural salicylic enzymes) stimulates collagen and elastin proliferation…

Skin Type: For mature, normal, and oily skin

I applied this before using my Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel solution and it was very soothing on the skin and was more of a water texture, but then as applied on the face turned into a sudsy formula. It cleansed my face and felt like it got a lot of the dirt off before applying the peel solution. I like a good clean feeling!


Niacin Complex Balancing Mist

This balancing mist is a powerhouse of nutrients, alpha lipoic acid, and DMAE to tighten, nourish, and protect the skin. Our liposome delivery system imparts vital nutrients...

Skin Type: All Skin Types.

So far I've applied this while my skin was damp as it's supposed to be applied while face is hydrated. It's a really refreshing mist and what I noticed is that it left my face with a great subtle glow and softness.


Sea Kelp Moisturizer

A moisturizer rich in natural actives. Vitamin B5 and oats nourish, soothe and hydrate , while fruit and sea kelp extracts revitalize the skin.

Skin Type: Normal and combination

I applied this much after doing the peel because you always want to keep moisturizer on your face so that your skin does not dry out too much. It's quite thick, but quickly sinks into the skin so that you don't have a greasy or oily feel which I like. Nobody likes a greasy face! 


Pomegranate Facial Scrub

This mild facial scrub uses jojoba beads to gently remove surface build up, leaving behind a smooth texture and a radiant glow. May be used daily or...

Skin Type: For all Skin Types

This is a more thicker based type of scrub formula. Very finely milled based beads in it. I did notice it felt more moisturizing which is why it leaves such a pretty glow on your skin. It has more of a soap smell to it. Almost a sweet rose scent. 


Mother of Pearl Facial Scrub

A microdermabrasion scrub using genuine mother of pearl to exfoliate and regenerate the skin. Surface imperfections and discolorations are removed creating a flawless complexion.

Skin Type: All skin types.

This facial scrub was by far my favorite out of the bunch. It's a thicker beaded formula, but all the better to remove my make-up and dirt from my face. It has this smell that smells so amazing almost like honey and maple. I just can't get over how great it is smells even after washing I could still smell the sweetness! I only use this maybe twice a week because of it's exfoliating beads - you don't want to exfoliate too much or it will aggravate your skin. This is a more gel like consistency and goes on quite nicely. 


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*This product was sent to me for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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