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Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles For Women Review

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Foot Gels


Whether you're on your feet all day for work, or your feet are simply the innocent victims of a busy lifestyle, you have plenty of reasons to try Dr. Scholl's® Massaging GelTM Insoles. For starters, these ingenious insoles:
  • Double the comfort in your shoes (for people with foot discomfort)
  • Feature a Dual Wave Design™ — soft blue gel cushions and provides superior shock absorption, while firmer purple gel offers added support
  • Can be used in a variety of shoes
  • Belong to a full line of Massaging GelTM foot care solutions
  • Come in men's sizes 8–13 and women's sizes 6–10
  • Sell for a suggested retail price of $12.99
  • Can be found in the foot care aisle of most drugstores, grocery stores, and discount mass retailers
  • Offer a money-back guarantee, so there's no risk in trying them!

Energy. When life's as busy as yours, some days you just don't have enough. Need energizing support and cushioning for your on-the-go lifestyle? You just need to know where to look. They say there's no rest for the weary, but there is relief for weary feet!
Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel™ Insoles provide energizing support and cushioning for men and women on the move. Designed for shoes that fit virtually any lifestyle, these insoles incorporate two types of gel to provide comfort in your shoes and absorb shock all day long.
Tired, achy feet can affect your lower body and may impact your mood, too. Discover all that's possible when foot discomfort isn't slowing you down. Connect with the people you want to see and enjoy the things you want to do — all because of the energy you're feeling from your feet up!

Meet more of the Dr. Scholl's® Massaging GelTM family
Enhance comfort no matter what you're wearing. You have your new Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel™ Insoles, but there's plenty more products where those came from. Here's a sneak peek at some of the other insoles packing Dr. Scholl's® Gel Technology.

Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel™ Work Insoles:
  • Ideal for hard-working feet
  • Guarantee all-day shock absorption especially on hard surfaces, or your money back
  • Designed for work boots/shoes
Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel™ Sport Replacement Insoles:
  • Provide outrageous comfort® for active feet, with an arch that offers support and stability
  • Reduce stress on lower body joints
  • Designed for men and women's athletic shoes
Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel™ Extra Support Insoles:
  • Arch Guard® technology provides extra support for big and tall men
  • Keep feet cool, dry and comfortable with cooling vents
  • Designed for larger shoes (men's sizes 8–14)

I was given the chance by BZZagent to try out Dr. Scholl's Massaging Foot Gel Inserts for Her. I was skeptical at first because I've tried inserts, but always cheap and flimsy. I always looked at the Dr. Scholl's line wondering if their products were worth the price. As soon as I slipped my insert in my shoes and began to walk I understood right then and there why they were so popular. I suffer from arthritis at only 22 years old and my feet have very low arches. When your arches are low or too high then your feet aren't aligned which have a lot to do with your lower body as well as your back. If you are off align and balance it can put a lot of strain and stress on your joints. I've lost 60lbs. and I walk and hike a lot and I knew when I put these on whether id like them or not by putting them to the test and so I did. They were wonderful! I felt the little massaging effect as I walked up the hill it felt as though the ribbing was rubbing my heels and it felt great! When I got done doing my work-out I noticed my feet weren't achy like usual. Through-out the night my feet didn't ache or have those horrible sharp pains I used to have. All these years I could have saved myself the pain with these and wouldn't budge because of the price and they aren't even high. Id say that's a huge fail on my part. Id like to say thanks to BzzAgent and the Dr. Scholl's brand for helping me out.

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