Monday, June 11, 2012

Eylure False Lashes Review

Eylure False Lashes

First I tried the eylure 'Naturalites Natural Volume' because since I've already got long eye-lashes these were just to make my lashes look thicker and fuller. They were very light on the eye-lashes my lashes didn't feel heavy through out the day. I wore them for hours without them coming off. I took them off late in the evening. So, the glue that does come with these is a good glue. 


The next pair I tried was the "Naturalites Evening Wear" They were a little long on my eye-lashes and I should have cut them down some, but when I put them against my lashes they looked the perfect size. They were a little too flashy for me, but I'm sure those who love them some dramatic lashes will love these! I feel like my eye-lashes were weighed down quite a bit, but that could just be the way I applied the lashes. They really are beautiful - just not for me.

The last pair was the 'Naturalites Intense Lashes' and these I put on, but they to me are more of a costumed look of lashes. They are super-long. If you love super-long flared out lashes these would be the ones for you! I'm just more of a natural subtle type of girl. 

Eylure is currently available at Ulta stores and online at

*These were sent to me for a product review by Eylure, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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