Friday, June 8, 2012

*New* Bodycology Exotic Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

Bodycology Exotic Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

"Blushing cherry blossom blooms with fragrance to produce a beautiful and radiant scent."

For Daily Rejuvenation: Massage moisturizing scrub in a circular motion, and rinse thoroughly to reveal softer, lightly scented skin. Consisting of exfoliating sugar crystals and moisturizing Shea Butter, our formula will leave your skin feeling pampered and smooth.

The all new 'Bodycology Exotic Cherry Blossom' smells absolutely amazing. I used this on my legs before shaving and my legs were so soft and smooth! The scent lasted and I just love the smell of the Cherry Blossom scent in general. It's a scent I haven't smelled in years. Now, that I've tried this body scrub I will have to run to my local super center and pick up the rest of the Exotic Cherry Blossom Collection. Next time you see Bodycology go up and give this scent a sniff. The exfoliating sugar crystals aren't really hard on your skin either it almost tries to lather a bit when you are rubbing it in a circular motion. Using this where it is so moisturizing it cuts down on me having to apply a lot of moisturizer to my legs after shaving because of the exfoliating sugar it gets all of the dead skin off thus getting a closer shave for softer, smoother skin. 

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*This product was sent to me on behalf of Bodycology to test for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This reminds me of the Bath and Body cherry blossom cream! I love it:) Nice blog!

  2. Yes it does! I love B&BW, but I'm going to find the rest of this line because it really does smell smells a lot like B&BW.