Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kandle by Ozeri Review

Kandle By Ozeri

  • Kandle by Ozeri Flex features a fully adjustable flexible neck that is infinitely customizable for ideal positioning of the lamp head.
  • Powered by 3 surface mounted lifetime LEDs, optimized to distribute light evenly without creating glare or eyestrain.
  • Newly designed power button features soft light and ultra bright settings for the perfect screen illumination.
  • New patent-pending WideLip design attaches to the Kindle, Sony Reader and other eBook readers without blocking the screen.
  • Includes 2 CR2032 batteries installed (plus an extra set batteries) and protective pouch.

For eBook readers who prefer the extra positioning range of a flex neck design, the Kandle by Ozeri Flex offers a fully adjustable neck that is infinitely customizable. Conceived, designed and prototyped in the USA, the newly engineered Kandle by Ozeri Flex boasts a slim form factor, and 3 ultra bright surface mounted LED bulbs. The Kandle by Ozeri Flex Edition's new surface mounted LED bulbs deliver exceptional brightness with low power consumption, and never need replacing. Designed for the 3rd generation Amazon Kindle, but also compatible with the 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and other eReaders, the Kandle by Ozeri Flex features an adjustable brightness selector for the perfect screen or book page illumination. The Kandle by Ozer Flex incorporates the original patent-pending WideLipTM clip that attaches to your eBook Reader without blocking the screen. The Kandle by Ozeri Flex's ultra flexible gooseneck allows for easy positioning to distribute uniform light without creating screen glare or eyestrain. The lamp head also conveniently stores in the clip to protect the LED bulbs from scratches or breakage when traveling. Ships with 2 CR2032 batteries installed, a bonus set of extra batteries, and a protective pouch included. Exclusively warrantied by Ozeri to original purchaser. There are no factory authorized resellers.

My Impression: This little light really packs a punch against a kindle. My aunt let me borrow hers since she has an older model without the back-lit screen so her eyes can get really strained by trying to read in the evenings or at night. She loves to read and I thought this product would be great for her to try. She really loves it. Her eyes are less strained and the fact that it comes with extra batteries and a little protective pouch is an added bonus! It's very bright with 2 different settings. One for dim lighting and one for a brighter light. This feature is nice for those who can't stand super bright lights, but want a little light to read with. It made reading the words a lot easier and it lit up the entire screen equally. 

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*This product was sent to me for review purposes only and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thanks for the great review :). Still, I feel like the normal Kandle by Ozeri light would be much better suited to my needs. The fact that the lamp sticks out so much on the Flex would really bother me after a while.