Monday, July 30, 2012

My Wall Decal Shop Review

My Wall Decal Shop Review

Pirate Symbol 

The Wall Decal Shop is one of the many wall decal shops that I love mainly because prices are cheaper on a lot of their decals. My husband got to pick this time which decal he wanted and he chose of course the 'Pirate Symbol' and we placed it's placed on the back of a vehicle. It's very awesome looking I have to say. He loves the color read. The decal was a bit thicker than other decals we've used, but non the less it was a bit difficult to get the decal off of the sticker, but once we did it was easier to apply. It just wanted to stick to the paper for some reason and we had to work to get it off. Maybe it's where it's been so hot out, but The Wall Decal Shop not only carries just these types of designs nor is all of them for your vehicles. You can place these essentially anywhere - your living room, bathroom, and bedroom. They also provide you with a puddy board to help flatten out the decal and to apply it easily. They have great customer service and are very friendly.

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*This decal was sent as apart of a product review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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