Monday, September 24, 2012

Stim-U-Dent Review + Giveaway!

Stim-U-Dent Review + Giveaway!

No strings attached. STIM-U-DENT Plaque Removers are pliable wooden cleaning tools you can take anywhere with you. They have a unique triangular shape that is specially designed to fit between your teeth to help you remove unwanted plaque and food particles. They also gently stimulate your gums to help fight gingivitis. STIM-U-DENT are made from biogradable basswood (from managed forests).

I received two different versions. One in Mint Flavor and The Thin Version which is 38% thinner. 

I wish that the thinner once were also as minty as the Mint Flavor, but I prefer the thinner ones the best because I have crowded teeth and it helps fit in gaps and tight spaces.

In comparison using STIM-U-DENT is much easier than traditional dental floss. They come conveniently packaged in little packs of 25 or 40 picks for thin style. The package looks like a matchbook and opens in the very same way. Just break off a STIM-U-DENT pick and moisten it with your mouth. (This makes the wood pliable) Insert the pointed end between your teeth with the flat side next to your gums. Use a gentle in and out motion to remove food particles from between your teeth. When you are done just simply discard the pick.

It is that easy. No messing with Floss. No wrapping your fingers around and around floss! It's like using a tooth-pick, but better!

I love that they are so small and compact that I can throw them in my purse on the go. You can take them anywhere at anytime. 

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