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Alimapure Stormy Weather Collection Review

Alimapure Stormy Weather Review

What could be more perfect for a fall collection from a makeup company in Portland, Oregon than a collection called “Stormy Weather?”  After all, Portland didn’t get its rainy reputation undeservedly.  But after a summer of record-breaking temperatures, everyone can look forward to cooler temperatures and a bit of precipitation!

Stormy Weather, Alima Pure’s limited edition color collection for fall, features four sultry shades of eyeshadow that are perfect for creating smoky fall looks.  While it is still too warm for fall sweaters and boots, you can dive into fall colors right now.

  • Mist is a gold-tinged, white shimmer. 

  • Drizzle is a light, sterling-silver shimmer with a subtle hint of gold.

  • Deluge is a deep grey shimmer with silver sparkle and hints of blue and purple.

  • Thunder is a deep, matte purple that can line or contour.

On Top is: Thunder(matte) Purple, Mist (white shimmer)
Bottom: Deluge (Deep Grey), Drizzle (Sterling Silver Shimmer) 

These four full-sized eyeshadows come packaged in our handy Alima Pure cosmetics bag for only $36 (a $55 value).

Sample Sizes

What I used: 

I used 'Mist' as the highlight for the inner corner and brow-bone. 

I used 'Thunder'(matte) purple color on the lid only. Also used a wet eye-liner brush with fix-plus to line the 'Thunder' across my eye lid as an eyeliner. Also used 'Thunder' underneath the eye as well to smoke it out some more.

I used 'Deluge' in my bottom outer corner.

I used 'Drizzle' on from my bottom corner where 'Deluge' is up into my crease and took a blending brush and slightly went across to calm the color down some.

After A Couple Hours of wear

How AlimaPure has the set to be worn... I changed mine up a bit, but it doesn't matter as long as your happy with it!

How to wear it: 
Highlight the brow with Mist, using the #37 Eye Blending Brush.  Apply Drizzle to the lid with the #39 Large Shadow Brush.  Contour the crease with Deluge and the #36 Crease Brush.  Line the upper lashes with Thunder on a damp #31 Fine Liner Brush. Finish the look with Pink Satin Matte Blush and Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Sugar Plum.


My Impression: Well, my impression is that I'm thoroughly impressed with Alimapure. The colors and pigmentation are gorgeous.

Swatches in the photo above are from ECO BEAUTY
Her blog is: HERE

The color can be as pigmented as you want with either using them wet or dry. They are not limited to one look, but many. These colors are more jewel-toned which is perfect for FALL and transitioning into WINTER as well! The shadows were not to bad with fall-out when using. I used a primer, but they lasted well all day. I was really surprised by how 'Thunder' held up as a liner. I had zero fall out through-out the day from wearing this look above. The color in the crease did fade in the last photo slightly, but the shadows had been on for hours I believe at least 6-7+ hours which is very good for a shadow. As I get older I am leaning more toward the matte colors so I'm just in love with 'Thunder' I can't say enough. I love a shimmery eye look too as well, but to have a matte lid with a shimmery brow-bone and inner highlight makes hooded eyes look a lot better.  Plus, the balance between the matte and shimmer is just that - a good balance. It's not 'Hey look at me I'm a disco-ball' type of look. I have to say I'll be looking out for more Alimapure eyeshadows. 

For more information on Alimapure visit their media outlets:


*Samples were provided to me by Alimapure for review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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