Monday, November 26, 2012

Adopt a family for Christmas? Say What!?

Zak's Adopt A Family Fundraiser

This is the family that Zak will be helping this Christmas!

Zak T. Estle once again wishes to adopt a family for Christmas like he did last year (last year he raised 75.00 with selling cookies we made, last year he adopted 2 little girls) If you are interested please email the email below.

This year he's adopting a 6 year old girl, Her 2 year old brother , and their Mommy and Daddy! They live in KS. 

I think ill add a little fun ANYONE who purchases (or donates) to Zaks cause will get their names entered into a drawing for a Hawaii 2013 calender

If you live locally in Hawaii - you can see if they can be dropped off. 

Shipping peeps his new paypal to send to is:
Make sure you tell them what you want & how many! Small orders are 6.00 shipping large is 13.00 shipping flat rate with conf # 

I am posting this on behalf of helping out a friend - I believe that's  it's important to help out others in need. We could all use a little holiday cheer in this declining economy. Also, for a younger generation such as Zak to want to help out someone else states the character of this young man. So, common folks!

Thank you for reading and your time - Happy Holidays! 

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  1. He is working HARD at giving this WONDERFUL Family a xmas!