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Pawalla Subscription Service For Pets!

Joy for Cats & Dogs

What is a Pawalla Box you might ask?

It's a monthly subscription service for either your Cat, Dog or both! 

For $26 a month you can have all of these treats delivered to your home for your furbaby(s). 

Of course what comes in the box will depend on the weight of the dog - My dog is a smaller dog - His name is 'Hawks' and he's beyond spoiled rotten. 

As you can see he loves jumping up in my bed and laying on my pillow in between my husband and I so he can get all of the maximum love he can! 

I opened up the box in front of him and he knew it was for him because he was all around the box sniffing away nudging it with his eyes big looking at me like 'Hurry up and open it already!' So, I pulled out the products and the first thing he wanted was the ducky toy that came. 

The Patchwork Pet Soft Toy 

Of course my pooch would bite the poor little ducky in the most private area, but he was out for revenge because the ducky squeaks and Sir Hawks does not like squeak noises - So it was his mission to find out why this little duck was squeaking at him as he chewed on it. 

Then after about 15 minutes of playing with the duck and me laughing at him trying to figure out where the noises were coming from I went back to opening up the box of treats and he seen the can food. I went ahead and opened one for him.

The Weruva Steak Frites (5.5oz can)
It is not very common to find a gourmet beef recipe. Steak Frites is grain free, and contains beef with .. healthy vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots. This is a high protein, low fat food. There is no concern about fat levels or threat of pancreatitis with Weruva food products. All Weruva foods in the Pawalla box this month are packaged in Thailand, at a human grade food facility. Weruva cans are BPA (Bisphenol A) free, eliminating concern about risk of cancer, heart or thyroid disease. 

Even though Hawks wouldn't let me put the food in his bowl and heat it up he wanted to eat it straight out of the can so I let him and lets just say 'HE APPROVES!'

Some of the other cans that came were in flavors:

Weruva Lickin Chicken
This particular flavor of Weruva is great as a topper for any life stage. Chicken breast with potato starch and sunflower oil are the main ingredients. This meal is complete and balanced, but could be used to flavor any kibble meal without introducing new ingredients that may upset the GI tract. The low fat content will not tax the pancreas when it is used with a kibble. 

We used this as a topper on our brand of kibble and warmed it up before putting over top and I have to admit for a wet dog food it smelled pretty good. I know gross, but honestly if it smells good enough for you to eat - your dog is in safe hands.

Weruva Funky Chunky 
Funky Chunky is comprised of simple ingredients; boneless, skinless chicken breast and vegetables. This is also a high protein, low fat food that is high in moisture content. The calcium to phosphorus ratio is correct and magnesium levels are low.

Weruva Amazon Liver
Amazon Liver is another boneless skinless chicken breast product that contains chicken liver. Weruva products are low calorie foods, with limited sodium and carbohydrate content. High moisture content with low sodium is beneficial for animals with some medical conditions as well as healthy animals.

My dog loved all of these and as a treat id mix it in with his kibble everyday and he was sure happy about it so I think I'm going to have to pick up some more toppers for his meals. 

Next in the bag we have ..

Zuke's Mini Natural Peanut Butter Treats (6oz bag)

Zuke's does a good job of making treats healthy. Aside from tasting great, peanut butter provides dietary potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and choline. Small training treats have been made healthy by the addition of antioxidants from fresh cherries, turmeric and rosemary. Turmeric inhibits COX 2 expression and rosemary is also an anticancer herb that inhibits tumor growth. Lots of B vitamins are found in rice and barley as well as potassium, manganese and selenium. Zuke's Mini Naturals are very low calorie (<4 Calories each) and made in the USA. 

My dog had trouble sharing these with the puppies of the household, but he let me give them some as well. Really all of our dogs loved these and ate them like they were a fresh juicy steak. They must have really loved the peanut butter aspect of them.

Beer-Bones, Small Bone (7.5oz Bag)

Grains do have a place in dog nutrition. The brewers grains and whole wheat flour provides B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals to diets, a long with essential protein building blocks, called amino acids. beer-Bones contain eggs, the near perfect food that has all the essential amino acids required for life. Eggs are also an important source of choline in the diet and provide energy in the form of healthy fats. The peanut butter in Beer-Bones is a great source of protein and fat for energy. Although we consider these to be treats, there is plenty of good protein, vitamin and mineral nutrition in Beer-Bones. This made in America product provides dental benefits as well as they are very textured, hard and crunchy. There are no preservatives or colors, just four ingredients. 

These my dog was picky over - he wouldn't eat these for some reason, but now all of our other dogs loved them. They are very textured as described and they do sound hard and crunchy when the dogs were eating them. We let some of our bigger dogs eat these and they absolutely loved them. I thought the concept of Beer-Bones was quite interesting and with only 4 ingredients who can complain? 

NaturVet Soft Chew Calming Aid (65 ct)

Most pet families have experienced the effects of stress. This mixture of calming and tension relieving herbs, along with ginger to settle the stomach can help your fur family member's individual stress triggers. All natural ingredients including brewer's yeast flaxseed meal, fish oil, and wheat germ provide good vitamins and minerals that are not even mentioned on the ingredient list of this product.

Yes, finally a more safer alternative to calm my dog down when we have to go somewhere or people come over and he gets nervous! I gave my pooch one of these and he was still a little hyper at times, but when it was time for us to go to bed.

Well you can see that he had no problem hogging our bed and going straight to sleep like a human

Natural Paws Sweet Pea's TenderPaws (1oz bottle)

 TenderPaws is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral compound that is created with organic healing herbs and essential oils. Paw health is created with organic healing herbs and essential oils. Paw health is often overlooked, and there are very few products available for paw care. TenderPaws strengthens paw pads with herbs such as comfrey. Comfrey leaf is also a source of B vitamins as well as Vitamin C and E. It is another of the healing herbs such as neem and nettle. Avocado, flax seed oil and tea tree oil are added antioxidants and oils with healing effects which contribute extra vitamins and healing properties to the product. Lavender and tea tree oil are the aromas present, but they also provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and pain relief properties to TenderPaws. 

My Dad owns BuffaloCreek Olde English Bulldogges and he is a breeder. He owns the Kennel and has told me so much about dogs and one thing he says that's hard to heal on a dog is their paw pads. I think this something wonderful to throw in the box for the dogs. It's not only for their Pads, but for 'Dry Noses, Hot Spots, Chewing/Licking, Insect Bites, Allergic Inflammation, Working Dogs, and Active Swimmers' so as you can see it's multi-purpose and I've used this on our dogs insect bite and it stopped trying to bite at it right away and it seemed to have helped the poor thing because it was licking me to death afterwards which is a good sign. I've heard wonders about Tea-Tree oil and how great it is - so I'm going to really have to pick up a larger bottle of this. 

Each month you also get an information chart about all of the products you receive for your pet each month:

All in all my over-all impression of Pawalla is amazing! The costumer service is awesome. The box comes so well packaged - the products are products that I want for my dog and we've maybe not given or tried with our dog. Every month $26 for all that you get - you really can't beat. When the treats I buy at Walmart are $5-$6 for one little bag and I got 2 treat bags and more items worth well over $26 - I call that a deal and if you are looking for a subscription service for your pet - then this one I would highly recommend. Out of all of the one's I've seen so far for the price this one goes above and beyond. If you like the products in your box you can even shop for them at 

For more information on Pawalla visit:


FTC: This Pawalla box was sent to me for review purposes only - all thoughts and opinions are mine and my doggies only :)

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