Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Changes to Come!

More Changes To Come

Hi everyone! As you all may know I posted a while back tips on how to lose weight. On my own I had lost 70lbs, but over the past two Holiday's I've gained 10lbs. which is kind of embarrassing. I've gotten the chance to be apart of the Nutrisystem community and be apart of their blogger program for 4 months in which I'll try and stick to the Nutrisystem diet as strictly as possible, post updates, and pictures. I've still got a long way to go. My goal weight is 170lbs. which I know is classified as overweight still, but hey it's a goal!

I'm really excited about it. The other programs I've tried before have failed, but I have high hopes for Nutrisystem. When I went to pick out my food I couldn't believe all of the good sounding food they had! Doughnuts! Yes, you read that right - they have doughnuts! I'm not particularly a doughnut fan, but to see that they have a pretty good variety of sweets made my day. Sometimes, you just have a horrible day and you want sweets - it's like a must have. Speaking of must-have while I write that sentence the program has had me write my strengths and weaknesses - one being emotional eating which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to.. maybe since this program doesn't completely deprive you of sweets it will help with my cravings and as far as my emotions go I plan to start walking again since it's starting to get warmer here. I'll have to take it slow of course because of my bum knee. 

I'm liking the fact that it's going to teach me a little bit more about portion control and I've heard it comes with a diet planner to help with your journey which I like. So if I were to go off of Nutrisystem and become civilian again I will know my way around food and what to get as it teaches you what to buy in the grocery stores and when you dine out. 

If anyone has tried Nutrisystem tell me did it work for you? If not and you would like to join me on this journey then go to here.

If you want to call by phone #: 1-888-853-4689


FTC: I will be receiving free food from Nutrisystem for 4 months in return for my honest opinions and reviews of the products and program. 

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  1. Hi Sarah
    I know exactly how u feel as far as the emotional eating goes. I need to lose 200 lbs. I have major back problems that cause a lot of pain so Im unable to exercise. It really sucks! My cousin did nutrisystem and she lost 100 lbs and has kept it off. I'vr heard lots of good things about this weight loss program. If I could afford it I'd do it myself. I know u can do this. Good Luck! :)