Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Victor Tri-Kill Mouse Traps Review + Giveaway!

Victor Mouse Trap Review

Kill Mice Quickly and Humanely with

 Victor® Tri-Kill Mouse Trap

New Mouse Trap Catches Up to 3 Mice per Setting

Victor Tri-Kill (2)Lititz, PA—Feb. 21, 2013— Advancing their commitment to helping homeowners control unwanted mice infestations, Victor®, a world leader in rodent control, introduces the Victor® Tri-Kill Mouse Trap.  Ideal for large invasions, the new mouse trap is equipped with three entrances and the ability to kill up to three mice per setting. Easy-to-use, simply bait the trap with peanut butter and place along a wall where rodent activity has been observed.  Once the rodent triggers the bar, the jaw springs closed for a quick, humane kill.

“The Tri-Kill Mouse Trap is the next generation of Victor’s iconic “4-in-1 Mousetrap” that was first introduced in 1953,” says Andrea Vogel, Category Development Associate at Victor.  “Like its predecessor, the Tri-Kill’s multiple entrances increase the likelihood of killing more mice per setting, making it one of the most efficient and economical traps on the market.”

Designed with attention to detail, the Tri-Kill Mouse Trap features a flat side for intuitive placement against a wall where rodents normally travel. Mice are social animals so as soon as one rodent is caught, others migrate towards the trap.  After one or more mice are caught, the trap can be discarded or emptied and reset. To reset, simply place against a wall and gently press the setting levers down until stationary.

“A common trapping mistake by homeowners is not setting enough traps to wipe out the entire mouse infestation,” says Vogel.  “Even a handful of mice in your home may require multiple traps.  The quickest way to get rid of the mice in your home is to place multiple traps in close proximity to one another, in areas of high rodent activity.”

The Tri-Kill Mouse Trap contains no chemicals or poisons and is safe to use around children and pets.  A 3-pack of Victor Tri-Kill Mouse Traps can be purchased for $14.99 on Victor’s website at www.victorpest.com.


For more information, visit Victor at www.facebook.com/victorpest or www.victorpest.com.

My Impression: I know this isn't the most pleasant subject one can talk about, but lets face it we all have issues with 'little friends' every now and then. We live on a large farm where we get tons of field mice and mice and rats can carry many diseases. I know the hanta virus was going around in our area bad and had killed 4 people last year. To me other mouse traps are awful for me to pick up - I hate having to get rid of animals like mice even though they can be potentially deadly - I would rather have a Victor Pest Trap rather than the old ordinary traps because it's more humane free of poisons or chemicals to also help safe guard your children.



FTC: I received this product as apart of my honest opinion and review.  


  1. Mice are pesky lil critters! I like this cause there are no chemicals!

  2. I had a cute baby mouse in my apt a couple yrs ago.Once he was in my apt he wasn't so cute anymore.lOL! I see them ouside occassionly Thank you for the cool giveaway! :)

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