Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Organization Tips from Way Basics

Back 2 School Organization Tips

Anyone else believe how fast this summer has flown by? School season is upon us again which brings up all sorts of fun (new school supplies, yay!) and scary (new school? new university?) feelings. 

One thing that does not have to scare you is how to get organized before the new school year. After all, this is the perfect chance to start fresh!

If you are a parent: 

·       Think about your child’s homework habits. Do they need quiet or work better with people? Table or lap desk? Create a homework station tailored for each child. This will ensure that they have a dedicated homework space for their own. Stock it with everything they might need (paper, pencils, etc) and make sure there is a bookshelf or storage cube for these items when they are not needed. 

·       If you have a younger child, get a bookcase or our multi-colored storage cubes now and help them decorate it as a final summer project. They can decorate it, sticker it, draw on it, and best of all, you can drill in them that their work goes in their colored cube!  By personalizing the shelf they are making it their own and will be more likely to use it! 

·       Have more than one child using a homework station? Get them to choose their own colored storage cube so they know exactly which homework cubby is theirs! 

·       Consider getting a bulletin board that can be used to leave messages, pin A+ papers, or calendars with future family events. 

·       Backpack Drop Zone: The hardest thing to get a handle on (besides endless homework papers) is the backpacks, sports bags, cheer leading bags etc, that seem to spring up everywhere. Who knew one child could need so many different bags? Make one central location for all bags/backpacks so there is no thought needed as those kiddos race in the door. To make this zone less cluttered (and hazard free) get the bags off the ground and into storage shelving units.

Whether you are a seasoned back-to-schooler or just starting out, the key is communication to all involved. Collaborate and communicate to create an organization routine now, which will seem easy by the time the school bell jingles away! 

These tips were brought to you by Way Basics!

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