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ButterflyBakery Small Treats Review

Butterfly Bakery Small Treats Review


Craving chocolate? Dreaming about lemon poppy? Desiring some moist Apple cake to go with your coffee? Worried about over indulging?  Butterfly Bakery is here to the rescue with new Butterfly Bakery Perfect Portions. We’ve taken everything you love about our Sugar Free, No Sugar Added and Gluten Free baked goods and packed it into responsible Perfect Portions.

Look for: 6 count mini muffin packs, 4 count sliced crème cake packs, 2 count cupcake packs at local grocery bakery department. If you can’t find them, just ask your bakery manager or shop with us online at www.thebutterflybakery.com.


Craving chocolate? Dreaming about Lemon Poppy? Maybe you have hankering for a little taste of each...no problem! Perfect Portion variety packs are here.

Now available: 

·         Mini Muffin / Mini Cupcakes 6 ct 

·         Muffins / Cupcakes 2 ct 

·         Sliced Crème Cakes 4 ct

Why are The Butterfly Bakery products smaller?

In short, it’s because our fans like them that way. For many of our loyal customers our scrumptious treats are perfectly proportioned for satisfactory snacking. However just because the products aren’t super-sized doesn’t mean they lack in quality. Our No Sugar Added, Sugar Free and Gluten Free treats may be smaller but they maintain the utmost quality and offer a healthier alternative to most bakery treats.

Besides you know what they say about good things coming in small packages.

My Impression: I received the tiny Banana Walnut Muffins in Gluten Free & the Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake in Low Sugar. I have tried Butterfly Bakery products before in the past. When given the chance to again.. I of course accepted. I wanted to try out their new line. I love the fact that they offer Low Sugar and Gluten Free however the Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake was my favorite of the two. It was very moist and tasted freshly baked - with the taste of sugar even though it is sugar free - that's something I look for being insulin resistant I cannot have that much sugar. I split the loaf with my husband in which devoured his half within a couple minutes! He liked it very much. Now let's move on to the Banana Walnut Muffins that are Gluten Free. I had ran into this problem before with the last review I did, but I thought it was just me - now I know it's something to do with the formula of the gluten free products. They are very hard to eat - my husband and I both tried them and we about choked to death. They break up easily, but are very hard to swallow and it's just odd the way they are - the moisture feels like it's there, but it's like when you eat it - it takes all of the moisture out of your mouth and throat thus having that choking feeling. I am always 100% honest in my reviews and I felt as though this was something that could NOT be left out. I do not however have a problem with the Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake - it was wonderful on all accounts - a pleasant experience. I do feel that if they would alter the formula of the gluten free products it would be great for those who are gluten free - my opinion may differ from yours - what I don't like you may love so also keep that in mind if you decide to order or pick it up in your store. They do carry other items too such as the Lite and Whole Grain. I cannot speak for those because I haven't tried them, but I do recommend Butterfly Bakery as far as the Low Sugar goes I think it's wonderful.

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FTC: These products were sent to me as apart of my honest opinion and review.

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