Monday, September 9, 2013

A bum knee & two surgeries later....update on where I've been?

Hi my loves, 

   I know it's been a bit since I've last blogged or had any contests open. I figured I must update you all on what's going on. If you aren't a member of my social media - then you may be in the dark. I as you may or may not know have a lot of health issues one being my knees. I've had horrible issues out of them for years particularly my left knee. It was getting harder and harder to walk. My sleep was turning into sleepless nights. I just couldn't get comfortable.. I couldn't shake the pain. I had already went under a knee scope before last year in December and a lateral release of my knee which was to correct my issues which originally thought was a torn meniscus turned out to be my knee cap actually dislocating and tearing up my cartilage thus having the lateral release. I was told that this might not work and that in time I might have to have more extensive surgery however I had no clue on what that might be so when I started getting more severe pain again I put off my Dr.s visit as long as I could until I couldn't hardly walk, the pain was getting unbearable, and I just couldn't do the things I loved anymore. I couldn't hike. I had gained 15lbs. of my weight id lost back and it had really put me in a depressive state. Having looked at myself in the mirror and saying If I chose to go through with the extensive surgery I know id have to go through physical therapy and that it would be a long painful road was I really ready for all of that? I had done tons of research when I found out what procedure would be done on me. I was to have a Tibial Tubercle Transfer aka one of the most painful surgeries possible at least in my opinion and I have a high pain tolerance. So, I done the research heard the good and the bad.. I thought what have I got to lose? I didn't really have much of a choice as directed by my doctor. I had went to his office in August and he was going to just put a cortisone shot in my knee which I thought would work until he did my x-rays and he came in with a sorrowful look on his face and said that he couldn't do the shot that he had to go in and do the surgery. So, after having an heart ablation, gallbladder surgery, a cardiac pacemaker implant, and then some of surgeries I thought I would be fearless for this one, but this surgery scared me the most believe it or not because I had had the lateral release and scope and the pain with that was nothing id had before so needless to say I was terrified.

So, come surgery day the 29th of August. I went in had my family pray with me and tried to remember my Papaw whom I love and miss each and every day that had passed in 2011 was with me. So, I woke up - I was out of surgery given I was in a world of pain, but it couldn't be controlled no matter how much medication they gave me I was still in constant pain. I pushed through it to go home. They put my immobilizer on me in which I've been wearing for over a week now. I have to wear it for 6 weeks. The immobilizer and I are NOT friends! It's very uncomfortable. 
Right after surgery on the way home.

This has been my life since August 29th.

Me chilling, laid up in bed at my parents house so I could have the best care and help possible. For a week all I could do was sleep because they had me on medications to sedate me for the pain to try and keep me asleep as much as possible. I couldn't hardly get up. I couldn't lift my leg at all. Id wake up in the middle of the night screaming if it was passed my medication time. Now, I'm back at home with my husband using a walker to try and get around, but I still barely can do anything without lots of help. I lost a moderate amount of feeling in my leg that won't come back. It's due to nerve damage from surgery.. which I knew was a possibility. I have to start physical therapy soon - I've been slowly having my husband bend my leg when it's out of the immobilizer which I can only take off when I'm lying down, but can only leave it off for short periods of time then it has to go back on while I move. I go tomorrow today to get my stitches taken out and to see about the swelling as my leg has started to swell quite a bit since I've been moving it. I can't see my knee cap, but I can feel the fluid and a lot of pressure so I'm hoping he will be able to help me. I've had a lot of nerve pain from the damage which is not fun in the least, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my lovely readers who've messaged me, emailed me, and just have sent out positive thoughts and prayers toward me. I truly appreciate it and you'll never know how much it means to me. 

I have quite a few reviews that are backed up in which will be done when I'm in less pain. Due to my leg being the way it is, I am unable to film the videos for my reviews which sucks because I miss being able to connect with my youtube viewers as well. I'm going to find a way - just you wait! Wish me luck tomorrow you all! I love you guys. HUGS! - Sarah

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  1. Hello sweetie,
    My knee is all messed up too.They gave me a steroid injection and it did absolutely nothing.The cartilage is shot and lately when I walk I hear this horrible crunchy noise.The other day my knee just gave out,luckily I was near the couch so I was able to grab it.I've been using a walker off and on for years since I hurt my back.The pain sucks but I'm blessed to have the love and support of my family.I can't post this on FB yet but I found out I'm going to be a grandma.I'm so happy.My daughter hasn't gone to the dr yet but no period and 3 pregnancy tests were positive plus morning sickness.Poor kid.I'm off to go play a couple games of candy crush.I just wanted to say Hi and you're in my thoughts & prayers daily.Take Care & God Bless :) Get well soon :)