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Amplicom 785 PowerTel System Review

Amplicom 785 PowerTel Review

  • Complete Kit: amplified corded phone, amplified cordless handset, wrist shaker
  • Adjustable answering machine and speakerphone
  • Wrist shaker vibrates and flashes incoming call alerts
  • Remotely activate the corded speakerphone
  • Expandable up to 4 cordless accessories per base

Save on a whole-home amplified phone system with the Amplicom PowerTel 785 Responder Amplified Corded Phone Kit. This complete kit comes with a corded phone with a built-in answering machine, a cordless amplified DECT handset, a vibrating wrist shaker, charging bases, and installation parts. The wrist shaker provides vibrating and flashing alerts on your wrist when any phone in your PowerTel system rings. You can also remotely answer calls and dial emergency numbers. Wear the wrist shaker by securing the comfortable strap onto your wrist with the Velcro fastener. The device's waterproof construction is suitable for use in the shower. FEATURES: Hearing Aid Compatible - TIA 1083 Compliant. Low distortion when amplified to max level. Adjustable volume and 3 equalizer tone control with high frequency emphasis. Answering machine with up to 11 min. record time. Talk-back number and Caller ID Announce. Adjustable handsfree speakerphone. Programmable multi-user profile buttons - set Volume/Boost and Tone to preference. Expandable up to 4 cordless accessories. Corded telephone can be used in the event of a power failure. 2 Year Warranty and Toll Free customer service. 3 line extra-large LCD display with backlight Amber/Black or reverse contrast. Voice prompt languages: English, Spanish, French. Time/date stamp message log. Display languages: English, Spanish, French. Programmable speed dial buttons and 200 name and number phonebook. 9 ringtones. 5 adjustable ringer levels. Flashing white LED visual ringer and message indicator. Connection for PTV 100 vibrating pad (sold separately). Listen to messages via handset or speakerphone. 2.5mm headset jack. PABX compatible. Wrist Shaker: Charging Time: 10 hours. Standby Time: 50 hours. Wireless Range: 600 feet. KIT INCLUDES: Corded Phone, Power Supply, Telephone Cable, Cordless Handset, Base with attached AC adapter, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Wireless Wrist Shaker, AC Adapter, Charging Base, User Guides.

My Impression: I received the Amplicom Powertel 785 System with the amplified corded phone, amplified cordless handset, and wrist shaker. Upon receiving the item I was super excited with all of the features that come with this system. Pretty much my entire family is hard of hearing. I was diagnosed with mild hearing loss two years ago and I can't hardly hear certain sounds such as my phone ringing, text alerts, or if I'm outside I can hear traffic, but do not know which way it's coming from even if it's close. Dealing with hearing loss is a pain. So back to the features - This phone system has an amplified sound to both the corded phone and cordless handset which means it's extremely loud in it's ring and with it's button touch. It also speaks the numbers for you which I find to be very helpful. I'm getting one of these for my Grandparents as my Grandmother is deaf and my Grandfather is very hard of hearing as well, but one thing that disappoints me with this system is it is very hard to set up. I'm not the only one who has said this so it takes some time and patience in setting this phone system up. The corded phone you can hook up immediately and start using, but the cordless however is a different story. I followed the instructions to an exact and I was still having issues getting it to connect to the base. If you are having issues though and it says you have connected both phones yet the cordless has no sound there is a simple fix - take out the battery and place it back into the phone and it works just fine. Hopefully a lot of you who have issues with this phone system can do what I've done and will go ahead and get this system to work for you if not Amplicom has a toll free number you can call as well as an email to help you through the process. It was all uphill from then. This phone is an amazing phone - it even has a bit of braille on the corded phone and cordless handset. The phone flashes when it rings and has a super loud sounding ringtone - they also have different ringtones programmed into the phone as well if another would suits you better. I also love the wrist shaker that comes with the device - it's the little wrist band you can wrap around your wrist - I am getting this exact device for my Grandparents because my Grandfather loves to go outside and he works around the house and I worry that he would get overheated or if something were to happen where my Grandmother is deaf she would not know so this wrist shaker is great to place on his wrist so that if he needs help he can press the red button in which will send off a signal to the base and cordless into the speaker system so he can ask for help. I really think this phone is worth the money in my opinion despite having the issue connecting you can contact the company if you have issues and their customer service is really great in my experience and you can absolutely benefit from having this system around as a lifesaver. 

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