Tuesday, March 31, 2015

b.leve skincare line


Product Description: b.luminous facial cleanser removes dirt and make-up while leaving skin fresh and moisturized. Natural grape extract technology helps revitalize sensitive skin cells damaged by UV-induced stresses. Luxuriously creamy and surfactant-free, this refreshing cleanser delivers unparalleled antioxidant benefit as it gently removes impurities. It is also Hypoallergenic. 

Price: SPR $6.99

Availability: Select fine grocers nation wide 

We b.leve: Confidence is the secret ingredient to real beauty.

Product Description: b.leve Body Lotions offer the moisture skin craves, without the greasy after-feel some body lotions leave behind. Each body lotion in the b-leve collection utilizes Goji Berry extracts to provide fortifying, anti-oxidant hydration , along with the brand's signature groundbreaking Oleofirm technology, Oleofirm is derived from tiny microspheres that release moisture both during application and as the day goes on.

b.leve bodylotions come in three distinct fragrance collections:

  • b.tranquil- a soothing, spa-like scent that creates a luxurious, refreshing lather for restoring skin's moisture and balance

  • b.refreshed - a fresh, invigorating scent that provides fortifying, antioxidants moisturization

  • b.passionate - a delicate, floral scent body wash creates rich, energizing later that provides long lasting moisturization. 

Price: $ 7.99 each

Available in fine grocers nationwide.

Product Description: b.youthful Face & Eye Serum infuses skin with moisture as it helps repair and protect against fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated wtih natural grape extract technology which serves to revitalize sensitive skin cells that have been damaged by UV-induced stress, this gentle-yet-effective serum delivers unparalleled antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Leaves the skin firm, balances complexion and enhances skin tone. Also Hypoallergenic.

Price: SRP $19.99

Available in fine grocers nationwide

I'm going to go through each product and give my review. The first product I tried was the b.leve facial cleanser and I'm always excited to try out new cleansers because last year I bought a clarisonic. This product is much like a lotion when to be honest Id much rather have a lather. This has no lather at all, but it does do what it claims. It does moisturize and it does soften the skin. For me though Id prefer to have that lather. I probably wouldn't purchase this product, but those who love lotion type cleansers Id suggest you pick this one up because my skin did feel great after use.

b.youthful Face & Eye Serum: I really love this product! It smells so good and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I've had extremely dry skin this past Winter and now that Spring is here my skin is not dry anymore. The Spring before last my skin was still dry no matter what I had bought or used. This product really feels like it sinks into the skin and I love that it's an eye serum as well. That word 'serum' .. yes this product is like a serum to me when applied to the face. It does take a little time to sink in, but once it does your face feels like heaven. 

b.leve Body Lotion in b.tranquil: I'm always on the look out for Body Lotions. If you only knew how much I've spent in the drugstores on body lotions. The first thing I noticed when using this lotion is that it does smell like you are at the spa. It just makes me feel relaxed. I don't know if it has something in it that just gives off that smell that takes your senses away, but it does. When it came to moisturizing my skin I was pleasantly surprised that it left my skin feeling soft just as the facial products I used.

The tweezers and eyelash curler were an added bonus! The tweezers let me say that they are just as good as Tweezerman's tweezers. They are sharp and got every little hair I needed to get. The eyelash curler was good. It curled my lashes and I do love the extra pads and the pads in general that come with the tweezers. They are almost spongy and don't make my lashes look like they've been crinkled like some lash curlers do. They give that perfect curl and I love the handle. The handle is very ergonomic for your hands so you don't get cramps. 

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These store carry b.leve products:

Big Y, Hy-vee, Coborn's, Price Chopper, Starter Bros., C & S Wholesale Grocers, Giant Eagle, and Spartan Stores.


FTC: I was sent these products in consideration for my honest opinion and review. 

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