Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NARS Tahiti Bronzer Laguna Review NEW collection coming April 1st 2015!

Nars Tahiti Bronzer Laguna

The newest in 'The Last Resort' Collection coming April 1st online and at Sephora. 

The line has three items:

  • The Return of "Body Glow" I'm not sure if this will be a permanent part of the line so if not id jump on it.
  • Body Glow II Monoi Oil
  • Tahiti Bronzer
I got the Tahiti Bronzer with the Bronzing Powder in the famous 'Laguna' Net Wt. 10g

Also coming with the mini size Ita Kabuki Brush 'Pincheau Ita' is the name of the smaller brush

'Swatched Lightly'

My Opinion: So having given the chance to try out the newest part of the collection the Tahiti Bronzing Kit I have to say I'm in love! I ran out of my Laguna bronzer a long time ago and I had forgotten how much I missed it. This bronzer is so creamy in this palette for some reason. In the picture I did a light swatch due to the fact that I am extremely pale I wanted the lighter skinned gals/guys to know that Laguna will work for either lighter or tanned skinned folks. You can build it up to be pretty dark if you want to. The topping on the cake was the smaller 'Ita Brush' I mean I've heard so much about the original Ita that I was about to purchase the full size so when I seen a smaller size in this palette I was intrigued to try it out and I was blown away - I mean blown away! It chisels out the cheek bones like no other. You can easily make a clean line and blend it flawlessly. It really does do wonders. I contoured my four head, nose, cheeks, and under my cheeks so easily and quick. Normally I spend quite a bit because my brushes just won't give me that smooth line. They won't blend away the lines either like this brush. I tell you when you are in a hurry you want that quick readiness to get out the door. I recommend this palette all the way if you don't already have Laguna, but I do suggest the 'Ita brush' the original or just this palette .. I swear I don't know the Laguna just seems like it's infused with something that's made it transform into a creamier texture. Also, I have to say even though in the swatch it may look like it's maybe got sort of a shimmer it does not translate that at ALL to the skin. We all know we don't want shimmer when contouring. If you had doubts about this upcoming collection I recommend trying out the products!

To find NARS products go to their Social Medias:

Or when the collection becomes available on April 1st check either their website above or Sephora. 

FTC: I was sent this product in consideration for my honest opinion and review. 

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