Monday, May 11, 2015

Carefree Influenster Voxbox Review

Carefree Influenster Voxbox

CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Thin liners are designed to deliver freshness, thanks to an 8-hour odor control system.

CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Thin liners feel as soft and thin as a panty, so all you feel is confident.

Exceptional Construction
CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liners are super-absorbent to lock fluid away. Our process results in a thin, absorbent liner that feels as soft as your panties. The fibers in each CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liner’s cover are bonded together to give you a soft, cotton-like* feel that moves with you.
*Product does not contain cotton

Super Thin and Absorbent
CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liners do a great job of keeping you fresh, confident and comfortable.

8-hour Odor Control System
Peace of mind is built into every CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liner. Our unique odor control system gives you that extra boost of confidence when you need it.

My thoughts: I've been using carefree since I started my monthly girly time. My Mom bought me these to start out with in between times and I've used them ever since. I was 12 years old and am now 25 so that's many years with Carefree. I've always used the Carefree Originals, but now I've gotten the chance from Influenster to try the Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners and they are just as good as the originals. They are light and you feel like you are wearing nothing which I like. Who wants to walk around feeling like you've got a lump of something in your undergarments. No one. That's who. These are based around the fact that you can be more active without having to feel like you are wearing something heavy and they truly feel that way. If you are new to the pad/paniliner world definitely try CAREFREE! #FRESHISFIERCE

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FTC: I received this product for free by using Influenster. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received them for my honest opinion and review.

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