Monday, May 4, 2015

Dermasome Gold from Angellift

Dermasome Gold from Angellift

Dermasome Gold is made up of 24K gold and contains highest injectable-grade hydration lifting ingredients and epidermal growth factors. This lifts the skin which makes it look firm and younger.

The anti-aging proof is in the results. Restore the look of youthful firmness. Dual-action Dermasome Gold contains the highest-grade epidermal growth factors and injectable-grade lifting ingredients to provide a dramatically younger, lifted look. In clinical testing, 96% of women agreed the serum improved the look of sagging skin; 93% saw a visible lifting effect. Real 24K gold in the serum gives skin a visibly radiant, smoother look. 1 oz. Lift and firm your skin to recapture a more youthful look. Directions: Mix moisturizing gel and botanical ball contents in your hand and apply over the face and neck are where aging lines are present. Use morning and night along or under makeup.

Contains natural ingredients.
Does not contain preservatives.
Moisturizes the skin.
Uses breakthrough skincare technology.

First of all can we talk about this bottle! It's so cool looking with it's twisted gold rings. It's beautiful. I've tried Dermasome Gold for about 2 weeks now mixed with my moisturizer and I love it when mixed together. Alone I don't feel as though it gives me enough moisture, but with my moisturizer it's amazing. The consistency is very liquid like. It's not so liquidy that it drips or falls out of the package, but it's like a liquid gel. It's very soothing on the skin. When applied it feels very cool and relaxing. I've noticed that it does make my face feel tightened. Not dry, but it feels as though it tightens up the skin. I just think this is a type of product that has to be mixed with something because if you are like me with combination skin I don't think it will be enough to moisturize your face and keep the flakes away. Mixing it with my Benefit Total Moisture and another moisturizer I'm currently trying out it changes the way the products work. I use thick creams which can be annoying so using this with the creams thin them out and also packs an extra punch of moisture into the skin. It helps my creams sink into the skin easier. Angellift has come up with so many other different products. 

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