Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FREE Clothing From Schoola!

FREE Clothing From Schoola

Shop at Schoola for Women's, Junior's, Boy's, and Girl's clothing. Schoola offers both NEW & used clothing on their website. I've shopped with Schoola for a year now and I've been pleased with everything I've purchased. One of the best things about Schoola is that you can choose your school of choice to donate to when you order. You may also donate your own clothing towards Schoola to help with your local schools as well. 

NEW members get a 50% off coupon code when joining! Be sure to check your email for the code after joining.

I know what you may be thinking.. where does the FREE money and clothing come into play?

Well, first you want to join here and yes it's free to join.

You need to join first before going to this second link to build your collection. So, once you've signed up to get a free $10 to spend you can "Create A Collection" by adding the name of your collection. Then by adding the sizes, brands, and colors you like. Once you complete this task you will receive $10 to spend on Schoola. Some of the clothing run very cheap so you may find an item or even two for that price. Also, keep in mind that for every person you refer you get $10 as well. So you refer a friend you get $10 AND your friend gets $10 as well so that's $20 to spend!

Here is the link to create your own collection: Schoola Collection Link

Now when you've placed your order they will ask for your credit card information and it's has been completely safe for me to use. I've used it dozens of times with no issue. They will not charge you shipping on the money you've earned as long as you count the shipping in with your earned money. So if you have $10 and your item is $2.99 plus $5.00 shipping you will use $6.99 of your money you've earned so that will make it absolutely FREE. 

This website has really helped my family out in getting clothing for my cousins for School this year. We've bought name brand clothing that's in great quality. The clothing has all come with tags new or used. My cousin's love the clothes. It's a really frugal way of shopping. I know a lot of people are cautious when using their debit/credit card and that's completely understandable. If something is free you want to make sure it's free and they do NOT charge you. Schoola has never charged me on anything on the money I've earned and have calculated in with my shipping costs. I've used my coupon code and gotten even better discounts on larger orders and yes you can use your 50% off coupon with your money you've earned through creating a collection and through referrals.

I really hope you all try this website and if you do show me what you got on my facebook page! I love seeing what deals you all get.


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