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#GiftingAMemory Smiley360 Mission by Coty Fragrances

GiftingAMemory Smiley360 Mission By Coty Fragrances

Katy Perry Fragrance For the Katy Kat in your life, Katy Perry’s fragrance are driven by her talent, beauty and enigmatic personality. 

Nautica Fragrance For the adventurous guy in your life, Nautica fragrances are rich in color and authentic in style. Each fragrance uniquely reflects the nautical heritage and adventurous spirit. 

Vera Wang Fragrance Wither her unique vision for bridal and beyond, Vera Wang is an authority on effortless elegance. She has an entire collection of fragrances, each inviting users to share in her dreams and fulfill their own.

Katy Perry Mad Potion:
Top Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Peony, and Apple. Middle Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Jasmine, and Musk. Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, and Musk.

The new "pillar" of Katy Perry fragrance collection in collaboration with Coty Fragrances began in 2015 with the release of "Mad Potion". Mad Love fragrance is also announced as apart of the collection which came out in the fall of 2015.

"The sexy vanilla - musky composition opens with the accord of vanilla orchid, peony, and apple musk. The heart includes a mixture of Bourbon Vanilla, Jasmine petals, and delicate soft Musk, while the base captures oriental flavors of Vanilla, Amber, and sexy Musk."

Katy Perry's Mad Potion was created by Stephen Nilsen and Natasha Cote.

My thoughts: I was really surprised Katy Perry put out this fragrance. It did not scream Katy Perry to me at ALL. I didn't really smell a lot of these notes besides maybe Amber and Musk. It was terribly spicy! I normally love spicy scents, but this was overbearing. I could not wear it as it would of given me a headache!

Nautica Voyage Fragrance Cologne:
Top Notes: Green Leaves & Apple. Middle Notes: Mimosa & Lotus. Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Oakmoss, and Cedar. 

"Nautica Voyage is a fresh and salty sea breeze, that carries romantic scents of coastal herbs and woods, and awakens the mans instinct to measure his power with wild nature. This is a fragrance for an active and romantic man who lives by his own rules. The face of this scent is TV host Caster Oosterhouse, a truly romantic person and good nautician."

The composition opens with a cold, green note of leaves and apple. There is a tender dewy mimose in the heart, which is blended with watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht. The composition is laid on a woodsy base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber! The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel. The fragrance was launched in 2006.

My thoughts: My husband loves this scent and so do I! It has a very musky woodsy smell to it. I like only certain colognes on my husband and he likes pretty much what I like in a cologne. This is typically not what he normally picks out he says, but he likes that it smells rugged and woodsy. 

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia:
Notes: Melon, Soft Musks, Marigold, and Gardenia.

"Embrace this Vera Wang women's perfume for it's fruity-floral blend of melon, marigold, and gardenia."

My thoughts: The notes in Vera's fragrance of Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia is exact. You can smell every note which is amazing considering a lot of fragrances such as the Katy Perry claim to have so many notes when you can truly only smell one or two at the most. The Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia is a floral scent, but not so strong to give me a headache. It's airy and light. Perfect for Spring and Summer. I love this scent however I will probably not wear it through-out the Winter because it's just to florally scented for that. I would rather have a musky spicy scent for the Fall and Winter. 

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