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Influenster Holiday Voxbox 2011

Influenster Holiday Voxbox 

What I got in my Voxbox & what it says about each product.

1. imPRESS press-on manicure by Broadway Nails

 Introducing imPress, the revolutionary way to apply nail polish! Featuring advanced technology, you will geet a salon-pefect manicure in seconds - simply peel off, press on, and you're done (no drying time!). imPress comes in 36 colors and patterns. 

My impression: They claim to last for a week. I don't know about that because I'm pretty hard on nails to begin with, but I'll do a more in depth review later on if I chose to buy more which I kind of think I will. I love how fast they were to stick on and the sticky tape or holds they got on the nail itself holds well to my nail so good job imPRESS! I've had them on for 2 1/2 days now without popping off which is awesome considering when I paint my nails they are chipped within half the day. My color is in 'tweetheart' which is a deep kind of holiday red.
Gets me in the Christmas spirit!

You might have seen commercials with Nicole Scherzinger wearing these, but if you want to know more here is a link :)

2.Mentos Pure Fresh Gum
We're sure you know Mentos, but did you know they have a sugarfree gum? Whether it's before a holiday party, date or meeting, pop Mentos Pure Fresh Gum for a quick refresh!

My impression: I love gum & I'm not too keen on this flavor which is a winter-fresh type of flavor, but it's sugar free and that's good when you are trying a gum-o-holic like me and you have to watch your calories. I love that it has like a liquid burst in the middle.. I want to try all the flavors :)

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3. Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask
Montagnue Jeunesse's face maks are jam packed with the most delicious natural ingredients and are bursting with luscious juicy fragrances. I received mine in Fruit Smoothie.

My impression: I tried it and it's lovely and smells AMAZING! It was easy to put on and it's not a peel off mask, but it still did it's job and my face is brighter. I got more than one use out of it which is good. I've used Montagne Jeunesse masks in the past and recently this year tried some new ones and I get them when I want to pamper myself. Id love to try out their hair masks!
4. Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap
Renew your skin with NEW Softsoap Coconut scrub bar soap. Enriched with crushed coconut extract, this bar soap gently exfoliates to renew your skin's surface, while helping retain natural moisture for soft, supple skin.

My impression: I used this immediately. I love different types of soaps. I have Softsoap's kitchen hands anti-bacterial soap, but I've never tried the bars. It's a fresh scent and it has tiny beads not too much that would bother your skin. It was quite soft on my skin and left it very smooth. I love it so far!
5. New York Color Liquid Lip Shine in Nude York City
Straight from the city that never sleeps, New York Color's Liquid Lipshine is uptown style at a down-to-earth price. With pure pigments that create a 3-D gloss effect and vitamin E that provides shine and moisture, this product is perfect to keep lips looking and feeling fabulous this season. 

My Impression: I love the color nude. It's not so nude that it mutes out your lips though it's a sheer gloss, but the color is lovely. It's not a sticky, sticky gloss which is a BIG plus. I hate sticky glosses! They also have a bunch of colors which I plan to get if I can ever find them in my local store.

Made from only 2-9 ingredients, each Larabar is a delicious blend of just fruits, nuts and spices. Pure and simple, just as nature intended. It comes in 19 delicious flavors! 

My Impression: Or should I say my husbands. I'm not much of a chocolate person, but I gave this to my husband and he loved it. The bar I received was chocolate chip cookie dough. I like that it's very slim in ingredients. I may try a different bar of theirs with more of the fruits. I like health bars and these are supposed to be fairly good for you from the reviews I've read.
7. X-Out Acne Wash
Everyone may have got something different depending on which badges they filled out, but I was super excited to get this. I have really bad cystic acne and this is made from the makers of Proactive. It's for Girls and Guys. It's a one-step acne treatment. You can use it as a Wash, Spot-Treatment, or a Mask Treatment. I love this idea. It does say do not use if you have sensitive skin, but I kind of have combination/acne prone skin so I thought why not? So, my first thoughts on trying it is that you can tell right away that it's cleaning your  pores because it is a very strong grade of 8.5% benzoyl peroxide it is quite powerful. I'm looking forward to see if it helps with my break-outs & if I like it I will have to do a better review. Here is a link if you wish to know more about the product.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
A big Thank You to Influenster for giving me the chance to try out these products. I already know I'm going to be purchasing some of these brands! 

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