Wednesday, May 9, 2012

*Dali Decal's Review & GIVEAWAY!* (Closed)

Dali Decals

A little about Dali Decals

Dali Wall Decals are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your apartment, home, office, and more!

We have hundreds of stock-designed wall decals that can be made in over 80 different colors to match just about any decor. Any of our stock-designed wall decals can be custom sized to suit your needs. We can also create custom wall decals!

Why purchase wall decals from Dali Wall Decals?

Instantly transform any room with a unique wall decal customized and made to order just for you!
Wall decals are quicker, easier, and less expensive than painting. Our wall decals look painted on once installed. Plus, you can remove our wall decals at any time!
We include step-by-step instructions and an application squeegee with every wall decal order. Our representatives are available around the clock via phone and/or email to help you with any questions you might have on custom wall decals or installing your wall decal.
Wall decals are easy to install on just about any wall, smooth or textured, and are easily removable without damaging the wall. Our wall decals are removable, but not reusable. Our wall decals can also be applied to glass, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even on vehicles! We only use the best quality material available to create our wall decals! 


I recently got the chance to review a few of the Dali's Wall Decal's. I was a little too excited when trying to apply so I mucked one up. I recommend when doing these to enlist in some help from someone to help you apply these so you won't destroy yours like I did. However, I did get a few of the others up fine. If you want these to be perfect you will have to spend a little time mapping out where you want them to go and take your time. Dali Decals have some of the most beautiful Decals I've ever seen. I initially thought these were peel and stick which they kind of are, but if you've ever seen how they apply Decals on a car it's kind of like that. You will receive a practice Decal with your purchase and a Squeegee which is like a putty board. They are more smooth and last longer than the ones you can pick up at the stores. The ones at the stores usually have an outline of clear plastic around them and you can tell on your paint that they are just stickers and with time they peel up and fray at the ends. With these they actually look hand painted, but if you have to remove them they are also easily removed so no worries if you want a change!


Ornate Chandelier with Candles - Wall Decal


Mini Love Birds - Set of Two - Laptop & Notebook Decals

I saw these and thought they were so cute! My husband helped me apply this to my laptop and if you can see I have grooves into my laptop and it went over them perfectly. I picked out (Matte Hot Pink) if you were wondering what color I chose. Their Decals you can get them in many colors and you can also have a Decal personalized for you which I thought was awesome!


Underwater Sea Turtles - Set of Six - Wall Decals

I chose the Underwater Sea Turtles in the color 'Kelly Green', but you can like I said chose any color you want and I also edited a picture to show you how it would look brown with a pink wall. I put these on my nieces DVD cabinet.

Some helpful tools you can use while applying these, but it's optional is: Scissors, Painter's Tape, Level, Tape Measure, and a Pencil.  

My overall opinion of this company and designs is that I would rather purchase from their website than go pick up any other clear plastic ones from the store is because these are so much better made & the costumer service is great & the shipping is fast! I just can't get over how they look hand painted. I'm going to order some to do my living room once I get done remodeling it. 

Want to get in contact with Dali Decals? 

Twitter: @DaliDecals

Dali was kind enough to give you all a 5% coupon code with no minimum purchase necessary. 

Coupon Code: CountryGal5off

They also let me do a Give-A-Way to give you the chance to win a $25 dollar gift certificate to their website! If you cannot see the rafflecopter widget hit (read more)
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These products were sent to me by Dali Decals for review purposes.


  1. I've seen these around they seem really cool. My landlord is crazy about me putting things on the walls tho lol Good luck to all who enter the giveaway!

  2. These didn't hurt my walls, I took the little peeler thing and took it off, but it's wild though I love em.

  3. That's awesome!You just gave me a great a idea on what to do.Thanks for sharing and keep posting for more.