Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag
Example of what you could get with 'Little Black Bag'

How does it work?

You will be given items in which you can keep and check out or you have a week and you can swap to get something else you really want!

You take something you've gotten for your bag say a piece of jewelry for example you can take that and submit it for trade for something else that a Little Black Bag member might have.. how cool is that? You have a week until your bag ships so you can trade until then. 

Then your bag is on it's way with your items! 

When signing up for LBB you can take a style quiz that way they get a feel for what your style is to set you up with awesome accessories, cosmetics and bags.

You get at least $100 items for only $49.95 and you can skip months if you feel you need to which is something I love! I've not subbed to Little Black Bag yet, but I thought it to be interesting and I'm planning on it next month.

I thought you viewers if you wanted to join I got a discount code you can use thanks to Little Black Bag

Discount Code: COUNTRYGAL10

It's valid until 6/14/2012

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  1. I love LBB! I'm about to get my second month shipped tomorrow, and I'm so excited. I also did a post about it last month. Found you over on Blog love therapy and now following :)