Tuesday, May 1, 2012

*Review* Thymes

Thymes Kimono Rose

Kimono Rose Body Lotion
Femininity, Redefined

Embrace your softer side with hydrating bontanicals in a rich, creamy base, beautifully layered with the sheer, sensuous scent of effervescent sweet clementine and voluptuous cassis on a bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals. 

With emollient shea butter, antioxidant vitamin E, and calming, balancing magnolia, peony & rose extracts. 

My Take: I got the chance to review Thymes body lotion & candle in the scent 'Kimono Rose'. I absolutely hands down think the body lotion is the best body lotion I've ever found. It tops B&BW and Victoria's Secret body butters. I just love this lotion it goes so smooth unlike any lotion I've ever felt and it sinks right into your skin. A little goes a long way which is what I like because it will last a long time. The scent doesn't wear off I've worn it for hours on end and it's not faded. It smells exactly how they describe it - not like some lotions claim - it actually smells wonderful. It's not a rose type of scent that is 'old style', but a vamped up sexy smell in my own opinion. 


Kimono Rose Aromatic Candle
Femininity, Redefined 

Bask in the beautifully layered, unabashedly feminine fragrance of effervescent sweet clementine and voluptuous cassis on a creamy bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals... kissed with smooth, silken vanilla. Burns cleanly for approximately 60 hours. 

My Take: First of all the glass is gorgeous and I will use keep the glass even after the candle is done burning which it has been burning now for at least 6 hours and it doesn't look like, but a small dent is in it which is really, really good. As an avid candle buyer I know when candles will last and when they are 'wasted money' this candle however I feel is not. Just like the body lotion it carries the same scent, but with a tad bit of vanilla mixed in with it and they both are just calming scents to begin with. Do you ever feel when you've had a bad day and you come home and take a shower how it just relaxes you? It's your 'YOU' time. That's how I feel when I smell this lotion and I'm not being overly dramatic it's just certain scents bring back memories and this scent is just a joyous memory to me. 

Look at the packaging! How beautiful - it's like a present you don't want to unwrap. 

Thymes is one of the best brands out now and I love their stuff. They carry Lotions, Moisturizers, Fragrances(Eau De Parfum, Cologne, Dusting Powder), Soaps, Candles, and Home fragrances!

This product was sent to me on behalf of Thymes for product review.

Where can you find or contact Thymes? 


  1. Sounds so nice would love to win some.

  2. Stay tuned ;) I'm going to be purchasing products from there so I just may be doing a give-a-way in the near future!

  3. Sounds nice!