Sunday, May 6, 2012

TouchBack BrowMarker *Review*

TouchBack BrowMarker


I recently got the chance to try out the 'TouchBack BrowMarker' and at first was a little afraid to try it mainly because it looks like a sharpie and I thought it would be too blunt. I do my eye-brows normally with powder and I typically do them dark and bold. For me this worked perfectly. I've heard a lot of people complain about the tip being to large to do small enough strokes. As you can see in the picture below you can do either big or small you just have to have steady hands.

TouchBack BrowMaker in 'Medium Brown'

They claim it's smudge proof and they are not lying I rubbed hard on my hand it this was the picture I took afterward to show you how great it stays on! It has great staying power. 

What they claim....

TouchBack BrowMarker is Patented New Technology
for Eyebrows

  • Long-lasting coverage for brows
  • Won't rub off
  • Easy, precise application
  • Blends stray grays
  • Patented formula

How it Works

TouchBack BrowMarker is a fine tip marker that enhances the shape, color and fullness of brows. The marker delivers the perfect amount of color for even, natural coverage. Also, blends stray grays.
TouchBack BrowMarker's patented formula bonds to brows and skin, dries quickly and lasts all day. It won't rub off, but can be removed with soap and water.
Apply to clean, unmoisturized brows. Use short upward strokes, in the direction hair grows, to enhance the shape and fill in sparseness.

I took a couple pictures so you can see or judge about how it looks. It was freshly applied so if it has a shine to it - it's because it was just applied, but dries quickly. I washed my face before drawing them on of course - you always want to start out with a clean face with no residue on your eyebrows. 

Here it is applied on one eyebrow (I know- no make-up eek!)

Both done :)

What it looks like after doing my hair, the rest of my make-up - the shine is gone and has settled to more of a matte look, but even through the humidity in my bathroom from taking a shower before then blow drying my hair with this on - crazy how it hasn't budged. My powder always moves through-out the day which kills me, but this I think is a new holy grail product for me! Woo!

I think it's very natural looking and super fast compared to the time it takes me to do my eyebrows with powder and set them. This took me maybe less than 2 minutes to do and that's golden to me because when I'm in a hurry I always do my eyebrows, and put on mascara before anything so it's nice to be able to throw it on real quick and go out the door. 

If you want to check out their website here is the link:


They carry the touchback brow marker, temporary hair color, touchback hair markers to hide grays on those times when you can't get to the salon. 

This product was sent to me on behalf of Streekers to do a review for their Touchback BrowMarker. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this product! I'm definitely going to have to try it out. I have really, reeeeally pale eye brows (even though I have fairly dark brown hair, lol. I've always been looking for a way to darken my eye brows without having them look weird. Thanks for the tip! :)