Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Style United

Style United?

Style United is a new program that's free - where you can go and create answer questions on a Style quiz to create yourself a Skincare profile, Make-up profile, Hair care profile, and a Fashion profile. You click on what types of looks you are into and it will generate looks for you and places to buy the outfit's, make-up, ext. I was surprised by how great this website pegged my style just by the quiz because usually I end up maybe liking 1 out 10 items other websites have to depict 'your' style when really it isn't my style at all, but this website really puts together a nice outfit - and everything else I need to go with it like what make-up would go good with my complexion and skin-tone. It gives me tips and tricks on make-up and for my hair. It has the latest trends and ideas. I've really been enjoying it lately to find new products I haven't heard of or to see which ones are good!

Want to join Style United?

You can join and get special offers & the latest news on new products!

"Disclosure: I am receiving a complimentary gift from P&G/SheSpeaks, but my opinions are my own."

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