Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jessner's Chemical Peel Review

Jessner's Chemical Peel

I got the chance to try out a Jessners Chemical Peel thanks to Skin-peel.com and I have to admit I was really, really nervous to try this program out as you are applying acid to your face. So, I went for it. I did a skin patch test first which you should always do. I have sensitive skin so I knew I had to first. I had no bad reactions so I moved forward with trying this solution. The kit comes with the Peel Prep, Jessners Solution, Neutralizer Solution Spray, and Cotton pads. I washed my face with a clear cleanser as the directions said and then started on with my Peel Prep which is basically I think alcohol or at least that is what it smelled like. Then it was time to apply the Jessners peel. I sprayed a small amount on a cotton ball and began going in small sections around my face until I had saturated my face to where it was damp not soaked. I then waited 5 minutes before applying my second coat. This type of chemical peel was medium strength so if I had to compare the sting or burning rate I would say if you've ever used Stridex pads for acne then Id say that is the closest to what it feels like. Not really that bad as I thought. So, I went on to my second layer until I got a light frost. I didn't want to do more than two layers just because it was my first time and I didn't know how my skin would react. Essentially you are applying the peel which removes the dead skin at the surface which puts your skin into regenerate mode to where it regenerates new skin because you are damaging the top layer to remove it. So, two layers was enough for me to start with. I then waited the timed amount it said on the paper which I think was 8 minutes and I applied the Neutralizer spray and splashed cold water over my face then applied moisturizer. When using a chemical peel afterwards moisturizer is your BEST friend. You want to use it more frequently and you do NOT want to have a lot of exposure to the sun. I started peeling after about two days and when you start the peeling process it's best to not pick at your face or try and peel off the dead skin, but rather let it fall of itself. Basically, don't plan a big event or if you've got something planned then it's best not to do this as for about a week or two depending on how many layers of the peel you do your face will be red and peeling for that amount of time. 

I think my overall opinion of this peel was that it did help with the acne scars I had and to brighten my face. My face did get a little bit of acne after using the peel I'm not sure if it was due to hormones or if my skin was just sensitive to the process. I would do another peel again just not when I have something to do it's a little tedious when you have things to do and your face looks you've got a good sun burn going on. On the box it says that it helps with acne, acne scarring, and other skin conditions. It took me at least three weeks before I noticed any difference. So it's not a over-night fix it takes time. 

This is about five weeks after I did my peel. Id just got done working out with no make-up so I'm not looking the greatest haha, but I do have scarring on my cheeks and a scar on my lower cheek that has faded a lot and my over-all texture has gotten better and my pores have gotten smaller. I've noticed less break-outs and just a brightness. 

To find out more about the products I used go to http://www.skin-peel.com/

This product was sent to me by Skin-Peel.com for a review. 

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