Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SweatyBands Review!


I got the chance to try 'SweatyBands' and what I love most about these is they not only come in all sorts of colors, but they have a velvety side that slides on your hair and grips so that it doesn't slip. You've seen those sweatbands from the 80's they are big and bulky. Not very stylish at ALL. Then, you've got your smaller bands today that you can get to push your hair back, but when you're working out you still have to deal with the fact that you are sweating and the bands I've bought in the past while walking or running they slip and slide. These stay put. I also noticed that I didn't really sweat as much or the bands themselves didn't feel wet or gross either. They are sporty! I've found myself more lately looking into cute work out clothing and I couldn't revamp my outfits without revamping my hair accessories! 

Intact even after working out :) 

I've noticed while wearing my hair down these are even cute to wear with an outfit as it gives you a bit of a bump without having to tease to get volume. How cool is that?

You can find these at www.sweatybands.com or at some select DICK'S SPORTING GOOD's stores! 

This product was sent to me by SweatyBands as apart of a review.


  1. WOW I just got a free month at Curves and I start tomorrow would love to have one or more of these for daily use.

  2. They would be good to workout with at Curves. I used to go to curves until I bought a bunch of equipment to use at home now I do everything at home :) But, next time I go to DICKS sporting goods I'm going to hunt me some more and get different designs.