Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dream Essentials Dreamlite Patriot Sleep Mask Review & Giveaway!

Dream Essentials Dreamlite Patriot Sleep-Mask

Large Eye Cavities- some people don't like their eyes or eye lashes touching the fabric, this mask has holes or cavities for the eyes so each one is cocooned in darkness - also great for ladies on aircraft who do not want to smudge their eye make-up while napping.

Fully Adjustable Strap- the strap is Velcrostretch which means the range of adjustment is huge, so it can fit most people and as the elastic ages the user gets more wear out of the mask with adjustment.

Excellent light blocking- the mask has eye cavities and nose roll so that maximum light is blocked. How much light that is blocked varies from person to person depends on the shape of facial and head features as to how much light is actually blocked, most can achieve 100% light blocked with this particular style.

Lightweight material- the mask is extremely lightweight, soft, and cool on the face.

Why block light to fall asleep?

When it gets dark our brain produces a natural chemical called Melatonin that lulls us to sleep. Lights from unwanted sources at night, such as TV's, computers, clocks, smoke detector indicator, from outside, neighbors security lights, etc. mess with the body's ability to produce the Melatonin - wear a sleep mask, block unwanted light, produce melatonin and bingo fall asleep.


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My Impression: I absolutely love this mask! All of the masks I've tried in the past have aggravated my eyes and put more pressure on my eyes so it was horribly uncomfortable to fall asleep. As you can see in the picture above it has this incredibly soft material that cushioned so that can roll all around at night and it won't slip off your head or your eyes. I kind of felt like 'Maverick' in top gun with this style haha. It reminds me of fighter pilot goggles, but there are tons of other designs. Luckily, when I received this my husband was having a not so lucky day he lacerated his eye and the light bothered him badly all day so I gave him these and they were the only way he could sleep because his eye was so swelled - this mask with it's cushion protected his eyes while he slept as well as kept the light out as his eyes were terribly sensitive. 

Winner will receive a Gift Card of $25 to spend on the Dream Essentials Website

*This product was sent to me for product review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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