Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kyjen Ball in Ball Dog Toy Review

Kyjen 'Ball In Ball' Puzzle Toy

Dogs who love tennis balls will not be able to resist this toy! Encourage your dog to figure out the right configuration to retrieve the tennis ball from inside the toy. After your dog recovers the ball, be sure to praise him. Replace the ball inside for more play! For additional fun, insert a variety of toys or balls. One tennis ball included.

My Dog 'Hawks' playing with the 'Ball in Ball' Puzzle toy.

My Dog loved this toy, but after he got the ball out he grew less interested in it. The dogs chewed through it quite quickly so I don't know how long it would last, but some of the other dogs still push the big red ball around the floor and the tennis ball they love it when we toss it to catch that, but other than that Id give this toy on a scale of 5 a 3/5 only because the material got chewed easily - and they weren't that interested in it after getting the tennis ball out of the red ball. 

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*This product was sent for a product review for my doggy's, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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