Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beautyfix Review


I'm sure by now if you are into subscription boxes as much as I am you've probably heard of Beautyfix. It has a new concept that I thought was pretty fascinating and would allow you to try alot of products that you might otherwise not be able to because of the cost. This is what they do: you get to choose about $400 worth of products every season for just $49.99! All you do is complete a Beauty Profile and their panel of experts will choose all the products they think would be good for you. Then you get to choose 8 products from that list! And the best part is you don't get sample sizes, these are deluxe and full size products! Can you believe it? I don't know how they do it but I got some pretty good products to try from their recommendations

I love that it's just every season so that it's not so expensive as a monthly box. I also like that you can pick out your own samples! 

The products I received were:

* Jonathan Finish Control Shine Hairspray - It has a great hold. It smells like a regular hairspray although not the stinky ones! It does give off a shine so you only has to use a little bit and it's not overly tacky.

* Stila Correcting Powder - I absolutely love Stila! I had to have it when I seen it on the website. It is so much better than any of the other correcting powders I've used and I love the packaging. It twists and cuts into the product so that it mixes it for you and when you apply it - it's a very fine powder.

* Nailtiques Nail Protein and Lacquer - It's a gorgeous tomato red color. I love the color red because it's a staple classic. The nail protein was something I desperately needed. My nails are in the roughest shape due to thyroid issues. Both do really well on my nails.

* Raw Natural Minerals in Warm Glow - When I first pulled this out I thought it was really dark, but when I swatched it the color was a lot sheerer than expected. It's has more shimmer so it would be pretty around the temples and where the sun would naturally kiss your face.

* Becca Resurfacing Primer - This is an amazing product! I have larger pores on my face so I thought id give this a try - I normally use Benefit's porefessionals primer, but this product changed my mind. It minimizes my pores and takes away a lot of the shine in my t-zone area. It has a bit of a pinky tint to it, but it goes away once on the skin. It does not have a harsh smell to it. 

*Skindinavia Make-up Finishing Spray - I've heard so much hype about this product in the beauty world about this finishing spray. I thought what could be so great about it? So, I chose this to put in my bag and thought why not? Lets see what this hype is about. This let my make-up last a lot longer than it normally would. Have you ever had a foundation that you love the finish on, but it doesn't last as long as you wish because it's not a 16 hour finish well here is the spray for you because I have a lot of foundations in which I love, but they just wouldn't hold up in this heat wave we've been having where I live. This is a staple to anyone who has a make-up kit. 

* Global Goddess Beauty Eyeshadow - This is such a pretty color. I've been into the color browns for Summer although it's not the typical Summer colors it's more of a Fall color .. I really don't care because this is gorgeous! It's a brown with an almost sheer pink to it. Almost as if you've blended a color on top which I thought was interesting. 

* Frais Hand Sanitizer - I'm a germ freak. I always carry hand sanitizer so when I seen this claiming it had a fresh scent I thought - yes! So, I put it in my bag as well, but it actually just smells like an ordinary hand sanitizer, but it's function however is a lot different. It's more of a gel and requires very little and a little of it goes a long way. It leaves my hands a bit more moisturized than regular sanitizer which I like. 


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*These products were provided for product review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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