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LaFresh Review

La Fresh Review 

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I was given the chance to try the La Fresh w.a.g line and used them on our dogs. I first tried the Ear Wipes on our dogs - I thought for sure they would run away from me when id try to wipe their ears out, but they did not. In fact they loved it! Even though their ears looked clean I couldn't believe the nasty things and wax that came from their ears. Dogs are notorious for getting ear mites and I'm glad that this product hopefully if their were any they were removed. Since it's the Summer time flies are out as well and they tend to be biting the dogs and the fact that this offers prevention of odor, itching, and infections really calms me. I really recommend these to all pet owners to help out their little ears because this stuff really works!

The next products I tried were the w.a.g Eye Wipes - My dogs however did not like me to wipe their eyes it's not that it hurt them, but they just don't like their eyes messed with. It did clean really good around their eyes and didn't irritate them.

The next product I tried was the w.a.g Mouth Wipes - These I really love to use on the dogs because I cannot use a tooth brush on my dogs they go nuts. They hate it! They actually loved these little cloths and I was able to clean all around their teeth. 

All in all the pet line I was very impressed with! 


The next I tried was the La Fresh All Natural Insect Repellent
I really wasn't a fan of this because I still got bit a lot while outside. I don't know if it's just me and my body as you know certain scents can mix with your skin/sweat and cause it to smell differently so maybe this was the case, but it was a very, very strong peppermint scent as that's one of the ingredients was peppermint oil. 

The next I tried was the La Fresh Screen Cleaning Wipes
I thought these cleaned my screen up quite nicely. I love that they come with a duo one to wipe with and one to dry and it really cleans the residue off of the computer screen and my computer as well. My screen gets dirty quite fast because I'm constantly opening and shutting it which can leave finger prints. These got all of the finger prints off of my computer screen and I had to put very little effort into scrubbing to get the screen clean. It didn't have strong scent either which was nice. I would recommend these for those who want clean screen!

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*I received these products for review purposes only, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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