Sunday, July 29, 2012

Honeycolor Contacts Review

HoneyColor Contacts Review

HoneyColor contacts has an array of different contacts from dramatic to natural looks. I was sent the Gio Bambi Chocolate Brown. My eyes are hazel - I would have loved to try a lighter color, but these are okay. I'm not judging them based on the color, but the quality. The quality of the contacts are great. They feel better than my real contacts, but sadly since I have an astigmatism I could only get the no powered contacts. HoneyColor does not yet have contacts for astigmatisms, but that may change in the future. Still, you can get the no powered contacts and wear them with your glasses as I did in the pictures below. 



I wore these with my glasses so that I could see. The glasses made them look more natural. I felt a bit like a twilight character with these contacts on as they are quite intense even for a darker color. I think it's because they make your eyes appear a lot larger. 

Up close shot - I know creepy, but just so you can see the colors blended.

I would purchase these, but get a lighter and more natural color they carry, but as far as the contacts goes they are very comfortable and HoneyColor provides you with a cute little case to keep your contacts in which I found to be very nice. The company has great costumer service and fast shipping!

For more information on HoneyColor contacts visit their website:

*These were sent to me as apart of review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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