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Juvance Beaute Revitalizing Moisturizer Review

Juvance Revitalizing Moisturizer

A little about Juvance Beaute'... from their booklet. 

For over twenty years, Michele's skincare tips have been tenets to live by. 
Michele's professional journey began in the world of cosmetics, where she was drawn to skincare. This passion inspired her and she never looked back. She earned her Aesthetician's license and worked in New York City with some of the most reputable companies in the industry: Clinique, Prescriptive, Chanel, Cle De Peau, and Shiseido Cosmetics.

During that time, Michele discovered a need for natural therapeutic regimens to balance, enhance and renew the skin's natural beauty. It became her mission to combine her hands-on approach to beautiful and healthy looking skin.

After several years of laboratory research on Michele's favorite natural botanical, she formulated a winning skincare line and founded Juvance Cosmetics in 2001. The same year, she opened her spa, Juvance Skin Health in Huntington NY.

Michele's goal has always been to empower women with the knowledge and confidence to successfully nurture their skin. With her Juvance Beaute' line, she finally married the best of holistic health and radiant beauty. 

Core Value

Our core philosophy is to restore your youthfulness by following simple skin care steps. Inspired by the fountain of youth, Juvance Beaute' provides you with a series of anti-aging system which will revitalize the innate healing power of the skin.

We believe the importance of caring for your skin is paramount. With a comprehensive regimen of cleansers, softeners, scrubs and moistruizers, your skin concerns can be addressed Juvance Beaute' will help you achieve the optimum skin care results. 


“SoufflĂ©” Ultra light seaweed cream, helps improve oxygenation, detoxifies and stimulates the skin. Helps maintain optimal hydration and moisture refine pores, balance oil, soothes irritation, improved collagen and Elastin production. Slow the creation of new lines and wrinkles. Normal to Oily

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Sodium Hyaluronate.

My Impression: I have to say this is my new favorite moisturizer. It's very light on the skin. It has more of a slick almost water droplet feel as it glides on the skin. It sinks into the skin relatively fast which I love because when you are in a rush to go on with the rest of your routine it's great to have a product that drys quickly. I did feel as though it soothed and gave my skin a refreshing cooling sensation when applying which felt wonderful. It does have a bit of a tacky feel, but only for a brief time while setting. It's not sticky nor tacky on the hands - just while it's setting in on the face. It goes away and fades into a smoother feel. My face has felt really soft and moisturized. I've noticed more of a glow in my skin as well as a difference in texture. All in all I think it's a stand up product and the company has great costumer service and Id love to try out the rest of their line of products.

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*This product was sent to me as apart of a product review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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