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Mally Beauty Review

Mally Beauty Review

 Mally Beauty is the name of this wonderful cosmetic company.
Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal learned at an early age the importance of accepting – and loving – who you are. Growing up in upstate New York, her parents instilled in her the philosophy that “the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.” This statement has become the mantra by which Mally lives and the power behind it has led to her incredible success.

Mally has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show, Isaac, the View, and many more. Mally has a natural ability to make her clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful. This has made her a favorite among a versatile group of music industry heavyweights and actors including; Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Teri Hatcher, Celine Dion, Lee Ann Womack, and Ashlee Simpson.

I was given the chance to try out a few products from Mally Beauty and I was greatly impressed by all of her products! They are indeed great quality and lasts a long time.

I used these products to do a simple look...

I absolutely love the shadow sticks - I found that they did not crease on me and cut applying my make-up on the run in half!

Eyeshadow Stick Liners in 'Taupe and Deep Plum'

& The Eyeliner in 'Black Velvet'

'Ever Poreless Face Defender'

Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is the perfect finishing touch for your makeup. This remarkable technology yields an utterly sheer, featherweight product that diffuses the look of pores, minimizes fine lines, and helps protect your makeup so it lasts from morning to night. Face Defender gives you that flawless matte finish without the dry, ashy look of powder. The result is silky smooth skin and longer-lasting makeup. It comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge.

- This product is absolutely amazing! When applying it's like you aren't applying anything at all and yet it makes your pores look smaller and takes away the shine completely which I find astounding! 

'Shimmer, Shape, and Glow System'

Mally's Shimmer, Shape, and Glow Face Defining System is the secret all her celebrity clients swear by! Create Mally's signature "superstar glow" in three easy steps using this powder trio. First, the shimmer powder lifts and illuminates the cheekbones giving you the bone structure that you have always dreamed of. Second, the shaping powder softly contours making you look like you lost five pounds. Lastly, the glow powder gives you a soft, warm look like you had a beautifully romantic evening.

I received the pallet 'In The Pink' for lighter skin tones and I was amazed by how well the bronzer suited my skin tone given that I am naturally a pale, pale ghost haha! Honestly, this is a great pallet to have, an essential to use everyday to give you a highlight and glow that you would want even if you are lighter complected like me and she has different pallets for all skin types!

'Eyeshadow in Bronzilla' 

A beautiful bronzy color to set off a nice glowy look! I love that her colors are more on the creamy side - not chalky or powdery at ALL which is what I look for in a shadow. 

I really love all of the products I was able to try. They are all great products and high quality! I'm glad that I did not have to worry about smudges through-out the day or having to apply more make-up all through-out the day. The make-up gave me a youthful glow and brightened up my skin. Mally beauty products have been around for years and I would recommend them to anyone! 


For more information on Mally Beauty Visit her website!

*These products were sent to me for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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