Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technogel Pillow Review

Technogel Pillow Review

  •  3-D Supports your head and neck by conforming to your body to distrubiute pressure evenly across the contact surface, helping to reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

  • Cooling effect that will give you a fresh feeling around your face and neck (remove the winter cover to enhance this sensation). 

  •  Odorless and hypoallergenic so it should not smell or make you sneeze nor itch.

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How do I know which pillow is right for me?

The Classic: is mainly for stomach sleepers, those who love thin pillows, or thinner-built people. 

The Deluxe: is mainly for side sleepers, people who like thick pillows, typically males.

The Anatomic: is mainly side and back sleepers, those who like thick pillows, usually females.

The Contour: is mainly for side and back sleepers, people with neck/back pain problems.


My Impression: I've been sleeping on the Technogel Pillow now for about 2 weeks and I've noticed a major difference in the pain in my neck and back. I have degenerative disc disease and for those who suffer from this know that your neck and your back hurt greatly! I've always bunched up pillows behind my neck to sleep and by the end of the night they would slide out from underneath me and the next day I would have a massive migraine. This pillow is much, much heavier than a normal pillow so it won't move through-out the night. The structure of the pillow amazes me by how good it feels when I lay down to go to sleep. It molds to my head and neck perfectly. Not only that, but if you are like me and you love cold pillows then these are the pillows for you! The gel that is made on top of the pillows keeps your body temperature at the perfect temperature so that you are not hot and sweaty through-out the night. You can even take off the winter cover it comes with to enhance the effect of the coolness. This pillow is truly worth every penny and a back/neck saver!

*This product was sent to me as apart of a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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