Sunday, September 2, 2012

August KLUTCHClub Review

August KLUTCHClub

What is in the August KLUTCHclub box?

Go Nola

GoNola is easy to eat, heart healthy granola with 100% whole grain oats, pure honey and fiber. Enjoy GoNola’s “Wild Blueberry Wave” for an easy, 140-calorie breakfast or snack.

My thoughts on Go Nola: A lot of the times we are in a rush though today's busy  world. We often have very little time to stop and get a bite to eat for energy without it being packed full of wasteful calories. It's nice to be able to throw these in your purse and get them out when you need a little energy. They are very good granola and the blueberry taste is very prominent and it just tastes fresh. I love it!


When you’re tempted to grab a bag of chips as you head out the door, instead reach for Popcorners. These “chips” are all-natural gluten-free popcorn and are a healthier alternative for a tasty snack, perfect for dipping in hummus!

My Thoughts on Popcorners: This is such an interesting idea. These look a salsa chip, but actually taste exactly like popcorn - in fact it's all natural gluten-free popcorn and it's an healthier alternative. I've not tried the dipping it in hummus as recommended, but I really loved it and that I didn't chip my tooth like with regular popcorn with the kernels. 

Japan Gold Seaweed Salad

Looking for a healthy, vegetarian, on the go meal? Try Japanese Delight’s Seaweed Salad, which contains no MSG or trans fat, is all natural, and has only 90 calories per cup! Careful though, it’s a bit spicy!

My Thoughts on Japanese Gold Seaweed: I'm always interested in trying new foods. This looked straight up wild in the cup. The directions are to add water to the seaweed mixture and let it stand for about 5-10 minutes to swell. It did and I strained it as stated and added the mix with it - which tasted like a spicy soy sauce. To be honest it smelled horrible, but I thought I'm going to try it anyway! It actually tasted nothing like it smelled. It actually tasted like spicy greens. It was surprisingly very good. 

Go Sport ID

Go Sport ID provides athletes with ID bands, dog tags, and other running safety accessories. Stay protected and be safe while on the road or at the gym!

My Thoughts on Sports ID: I love walking through all of the seasons. If you love to walk, run, jog - whatever you like to do and whether you are alone or not I think the Go Sport ID was a great thing to add to this KLUTCHclub box because it's great to have in case you have an accident or you need medical assistance - you can have your phone number or allergies listed on your ID bracelet. I think this is a must for everyone really.


Check out Twistband, THE luxury hair tie that doesn’t damage hair or leave a crease! Perfect to keep your hair back during a workout.

My Thoughts on Twistband: I actually have tried Twistbands before and still use them to this day because they don't snag nor pull out my hair. They come in varieties of colors and great to put on your wrist when walking or running so that you can just throw up your hair in hurry if need be - they also look cute on your wrist!


Biopharma’s supplements make taking necessary vitamins and minerals easy while on the go- just stir it into any drink, yogurt or oatmeal. NanoLean™ supports your metabolism and provides necessary minerals when you’re trying to slim down, and NanoGreen includes ten servings of fruits and vegetables.

My Thoughts on Biopharmaci: I have to take tons of medications for my heart and it's hard to get in enough vitamins in a day through foods and when you have to take a lot of medications anyway who wants to take tons of vitamins? With Biopharmasi you can mix you up a shake and go. It is jam packed with vitamins and minerals that you need. I love the natural green apple flavor!


Looking for an accessible new workout? Enjoy ONE YEAR worth of iBodyFit Online Premium Membership (worth $155!), workouts you can do at home, office, while traveling, or when you just don’t feel like going to the gym!

My thoughts on iBodyFit: I know I said earlier I love to walk to get my work-out in, but sometimes I like to mix it up as well so I was thrilled to get iBodyFit in August's KlutchClub box because it's one FREE year of work-outs! Who doesn't like the sound of that? You can work-out at home or with a friend. It's fun. 


Aloe vera has been known for it’s healing and hydration properties for centuries. Alo Exposed contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and it’s shockingly delicious and low calorie!

My Thoughts on Alo: This drink is absolutely one of the best drinks I've ever tried! Totally different than what I thought it would taste. I hope they bring it closer to my home so that I can pick it up. I got this in and I was feeling a bit sluggish that day and I decided to try this and it tasted so refreshing. It has little pulps of aloe in it and it almost tastes like grapes mixed with fruity water. It's very, very good!


Tieks are the best, most versatile ballet flats in the world. Designer leather flats you can fit in your purse and wear all day, every day. These Italian leather flats are Oprah’s favorite. If you haven’t heard of Tieks, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them! Loved by celebs, these shoes are perfect for travel, play and every day. See what women are saying and share your story at Tieks.

My Thoughts on Tieks: Now, I have not used my coupon on Tieks because Tieks is a bit out of my price range at the moment and although the $50 coupon is an amazing gift from the box the shoes aren't really calling my name at the moment, but they are very beautiful and to those who have waited to get a pair of these often talked about wonder shoes then if you got this month's box must of made your month! They are beautiful shoes - I might reconsider getting some towards next Spring since they are flats and I don't really wear flats in the Fall.

My Overall Thoughts: I love KLUTCHclub. This past year I've put a lot of effort into changing the way I eat and trying to get healthier and boxes like these are what keeps me in the right state of mind to keep pushing myself. KLUTCHclub is about $18 or less a month and I think it's worth it considering all that you get in the box! Another thing I'm excited about is KLUTCHclub recently is launching their new KLUTCHclub for MEN's box so if your man is passionate about health or looking to become more healthy then this is a good box to get. 

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*This box was sent to me for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a great box, well worth the money!

  2. Wow I never heard of this one. Looks like an awesome subscripton