Monday, September 24, 2012

Frito-Lays Fan Program Tostitos, Lays, and Sunchips Review

Frito Lays Fan Program
 'Tostitos, Lays Kettle Cooked Chips, Sun Chips Review'

~About Frito-Lays~

In 1932, C.E. Doolin entered a small San Antonio cafe and purchased a bag of corn chips. Little did he dream this savory chip would become one of the nation's most popular snacks.

Mr. Doolin learned that the manufacturer of the chips was eager to sell his small business, so he purchased the recipe, and began to sell FRITOS® 
Corn Chips from his Model T Ford.

Meanwhile, that same year, Herman W. Lay began his potato chip business in Nashville by delivering snack foods. Not long after, Mr. Lay purchased the manufacturer, and the H.W. Lay &
Company was formed.

The success of Frito-Lay is a tribute to two entrepreneurs' dreams.
H.W. Lay & Company became one of the largest snack food companies in the Southeast, and LAY'S® brand Potato Chips is still America's favorite potato chip.

Years later, in 1961, the Frito Company and the H.W. Lay company merged to become Frito-Lay, Inc. Today, Frito-Lay brands account for 59% of the U.S. snack chip industry.

These days, our founders' dream to be America's favorite snack food company continues to be fulfilled by more than 45,000 Frito-Lay employees in the United States and Canada who make, sell, and deliver a wide variety of fun and environmentally friendly foods for you to enjoy.


SUNCHIPS brand Multigrain Snacks are a unique combination of great taste, great crunch and hearty grains rolled into one remarkable chip with a light and crispy texture. SUNCHIPS® are the tastiest multigrain snacks under the sun.

My Impression: I love Garlic. Garlic is really good for you and for years I've loved SunChips - I mostly leaned toward the Sour Cream and Onion SunChips because id never heard of the Creamy Roasted Garlic flavor before. I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted so good! I will be picking these up as a favorite. They are whole grain and soy free and msg free for those of you who cannot have soy. 

My Impression: These taste amazing! They taste like they were freshly made when tasting them right out of the bag. They are very crisp, but not too hard - they are just right. I love taking the Tostito's chips and dipping them into spicy cheese and salsa. Yum! I would recommend anyone who is having a get-together or just loves Tortila chips to try these because they are fantastic!

My Impression: Kettle Cooked Applewood Smoked BBQ is a newer flavor. I'm not for sure if it will be apart of their permanent line or not, but they are very good. They are a bit harder than regular chips because they are Kettle Cooked which means they will have a harder texture. The BBQ taste comes out beautifully in the chips.. it really does have a cook-out feel to the taste. It doesn't have an fruity apple taste like you would think from reading the name - it really is a smoked applewood flavor. Very good and with 40% less fat! Hey, I'm in! 

*This fan pack was sent to me as apart of being apart of the fan program through Frito-Lay's. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. 

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