Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kyjen Seamsters Review

Kyjen Seamsters 

"Combine a dog's natural drive to chew with a problem-solving challenge and you have the most revolutionary boredom buster of all time, Seamsters! We've designed a rubber toy that dogs are actually interested in! Long, thin strips of rawhide are threaded through deep, reinforced slotted holes in the rubber shells. The dried and hardened rawhide becomes a tough seam that challenges a dog to "destroy" it. Non-toxic, natural rubber and knot-free rawhide."-Kyjen


"What's that box coming through the door Mommy? ... "

"A Seamster for my fur-baby!" 

My Impression: I was excited to get these for my dogs to try out. They love to chew stuff up especially when it's my new shoes, furniture and all the things they should NOT be chewing on. It's very hard to find a chew-able toy that they can chew on without it falling apart into pieces or them just chewing it up to the point of it being nothing, but a pile of rubber. This was unique in a sense as it has little weaving technology so that you can weave raw-hide through the little holes and it has little holes on the top so that you can place a treat deep down inside the toy. You can also of course take it apart and put a larger treat in the hole, but it's all up to you. The raw-hide is very hard and to let your dogs re-use it again is easy you just run it under water until it's soft and weave it back through and let it set to dry for your pooch to play with again. It's a little time consuming with that part, but if it makes my pets happy then I'm happy. This toy claims to be good for dental health and that is something I'm glad to say that I believe it does. My dog freaked me out because I saw a little bit of blood while it was chewing on the toy and it worried me that it was getting hurt, but it was just their teeth rubbing up against the raw-hide and where I don't brush their teeth - their gums are like ours in sense that if you don't brush your teeth often then they can bleed a little bit. My dog was okay though. As an added bonus the Seamster also comes with 2 extra strips of Raw-hide. I give this toy an A+ and my dogs would give it a major 'WOOF!' 

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*This toy was sent for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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