Thursday, October 11, 2012

CandyJapan: The Japanese Candy Subscription Review

CandyJapan: The Japanese Candy Subscription 

What I got in my package?

Ever wanted to try Candy from a different country? Like say Japan? Or maybe you have tried a lot of candy from Japan and want to get your hands on more?

Well, CandyJapan is a new subscription service that costs around $24 a month. With that you receive two packages of hard to find candy from Japan.

I love trying new foods and when I got the chance to try these candies I could not wait.

How it works:

1. Subscribe to CandyJapan

2. CandyJapan picks out select hard to find Japanese Candy for you.

3. You get candy in the mail twice a month.

4. Enjoy your noms!

These are the E-ma Candy: They were a flavor changing type of candy. First fruity, then minty, then really sweet! They were really good. 

Now I can't speak Japanese so translating the other two would be a problem, but I'll just let you know what I thought about them. 

The middle package was sort of like gummy worms, but better. They were really flavorful more of a natural fruit taste than the taste we have here in the US. They were cola and lemon-lime flavored. Sounds like an odd combination, but they were super yummy!

The first package was a lolly-pop with bubble gum for the handle. It was a cute little sucker with a fizz cap in the center so when you got done sucking on your sucker you can take your fizz cap and throw it in your pop for extra fizz. I used to get those all the time when I was little to add to my pop, but this one was HUGE! If you get this one in particular make sure you watch your soda because it caused massive fizz. I wish that I had a picture of the lolly, but it was a lack of thought when I opened it I was having a massive sugar craving! 

- More Examples of Candy That's Been Sent Out -

An assortment of various Meiji products: Meiji Yogurt, Meiji Poifull, Meiji Ichigoappu, Meiji Marble Chocolate and Meiji Hi-Remon. 

All in all the candy was really, really good. Too me I love more sweet & sour candy rather than lots of chocolate. So, if you are like me this service is right on the money for you. The people who own CandyJapan are really nice with great customer service. 

Like Mystery? Try CandyJapan!

For More Information On CandyJapan Visit Their Website:

*These samples were sent to me for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Found this helpful in making my choice to order this or not, thank you very much.
    The light blue worm gummies were probably "Ramune" flavour, a japanese "soda" flavour. It's very popular.

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