Thursday, October 11, 2012

Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Review + Giveaway!

Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Directions For Use:

Dish Washing:  Dispense the detergent into your wash basin and start filling the basin with warm water. Half a teaspoon of detergent (about one brief squeeze) is sufficient to start with. Swish the water around to work up some suds, then start washing your dishes. It is most economical to use small amounts of detergent and add more detergent when the suds are almost gone.

Cleaning Tips:

  • DO NOT use Ultra Dishwashing Liquid in automatic dishwashers, as standard dishwashing liquid produces too much suds and can cause your dishwasher to overflow.

  • If your method for tackling those really dirty dishes is to squirt some extra detergent directly onto your wash cloth or scouring pad before scrubbing, then you're likely using far more detergent than is necessary. It is better to let dishes and pans that have baked or dried on food soak first. Then you'll need less detergent (and less elbow grease!) once it comes time to scrub.

  • You will generally get better results by washing your less greasy dishes first, like glasses and silverware, followed by your more greasy items like plates, and then lastly your pots and pans.

  • Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is safe to use on crystal and over-glazed china.

Why Planet?

One of the biggest hurdles that environmentally friendly cleaning products have to battle is the stigma that "green" cleaners are not really effective. True, there are many green cleaners out there that really can't compare to leading brand names in terms of cleaning power, however Planet's line of household cleaners performs just as well as many mainstream brands. Some of our customers say even better! All the while, our products work without all the harmful effects on the environment caused by "regular" brands. You don't need to sacrifice cleaning power for environmental friendliness!

Because Planet has been continuously testing and improving our products for over 13 years now, we know what it takes to produce an effective and powerful green cleaner. As a result, Planet continues to be a leading brand of environmentally friendly household cleaners. 


My Impression: I have been using 'Planet Dishwashing Liquid' for about a month and a half as well as my Grandmother. I thought who better to test the hypoallergenic dishwashing liquid than her. She has suffered and has had to wear gloves all her live to wash dishes which is just as costly as buying the dish washing liquid. Any dish washing liquid she uses it breaks her out all up her arms and her hands crack and split open. It's really horrible. I let her try it out and she said it was really good that she had no problems with it and she wanted to know where I got it at! I've fallen in love with this formula. It's very concentrated so that you just need a very small amount to get your dishes done and I swear the bottles last FOREVER compared to any other brand I've used. It really lifts up the grease and grime left on my pots and pans. It has no smell so to those who are smell sensitive 'no worries!' 

I'm just really taken back by how much time I save doing dishes. I have them done in no time because the dishwashing liquid has helped me cut down on scrubbing and that's not only a time saver, but a back saver! If you have a hard time washing dishes because of your back you know what a blessing it is to not have to stand their for an hour and a half scrubbing away. All I can say if the dishwashing liquid performs this well I can only imagine how their laundry detergent works, but Id love to find out.

For More Information On 'Planet Products' Visit Their Website at:

Planet was kind enough to send me over extras to do a GIVEAWAY

There will be (5) winners!


*Planet sent me the Liquid Detergent for product review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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